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bigbird 0 None
GLHS #879
Bought for my dad he had #40? and a friend blew it up so i found this one in Hampton, VA and am in the process of rebuilding and tastefully upgrading it for him. so far about 1/4 of the way there and a lot of $$ from being done hope to have it done for him after this winter
KjohnstonUSCG 0 None
superskasteve 0 None
RWD V8 Lebaron
Gearhead24-7 0 None
Wiring Harness
Jim Falco 0 None
87 shelby z
bigjon69420 0 None
ddarter 0 None
SmithKy80 0 None
GLHS687 0 None
87 Shelby Charger
Babyboy45 0 None
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