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Cats 93 Spirit FFV
MarkassBauer 15 09-20-2018 01:12 PM
85 GLH T2
85 GLH converted to Turbo II
88 electronics
Stage 3 ECU (FWD Performance)
Rear discs conversion
(bought it this way, but not done with it!!)
MRG 7 09-05-2018 10:53 PM
87 Shelby Z
1987 Daytona Shelby Z
Black with Red interior
Modified Turbo II w/5-speed
(more to come)
MRG 6 09-02-2018 12:08 AM
Phantom 1987 mex name for lebaron GTC
In restoration project
Phantom87 3 08-21-2018 11:53 PM
Dodge Daytona ES TBI
This was my wife's 1989 Dodge Daytona ES 2.5 liter non-turbo, automatic. We had the car since September of 2001, and it was sold around 10 years back. The modifications are as follows:Ram air/dual intake ( 7hp)K&N filter charger ( 1hp)Lambros engineering underdrive pulley ( 10hp)MSD Blaster 2 high output coil ( 1hp)8.5 mm Magnecore silicone suppressed ignition cables ( 1hp)NGK platinum spark plugs gapped to 50 ( .25hp)JDM ground wire kit ( 8hp)180 degree medium temperature ( 1hp) thermostat180 degree fan switch ( 1hp)cam regrind3 angle valve job ( 1hp)head is milled 35 thousandths over ( 5hp)engine is bored 45 over ( 6hp)mildly ported throttle body/polished ( 3hp)mildly ported intake plenum/polished ( 3hp)mildly ported intake runners/polished ( 2hp)mildly ported exaust manifold/polished ( 2hp)2 1/4 inch pipe from the exaust manifold all the way back ( 3hp)2 1/4 inch high flow catalytic converter from Wilky's Performance ( 3hp)2 1/4 inch Flowmaster muffler with dual ports ( 2hp)Gabriel Pro Ryder Premium gas shocks and strutsShelby Zone front strut bar bracerLarge 160 degree transmission coolerDigital dash swap12 button digital navigator installedThe above HP/Horsepower gains are based off of real dyno test gains, not some BS guestimates. Understand that each modification adds hp to different parts of the RPM band. It is not cumulative, you dont just add all the numbers and say you got a ton of HP. The car gives alot more power per rpm now, but max output has been raised around 35 more hp. Stock was 100hp with 135lbs torque. It has an at the motor rating of 135hp and 160lbs torque. 0-60 is in 8 seconds only in the winter time. When it is hot out, it is more like 9 secondsRemember, it is a base model Daytona ES, not the turbo or V-6. But it is now close to the output of the 3.0 V-6 and turbo 1 2.2 Daytonas. It is very respectable for a 2.5 TBI motor. It can beat alot of the older V-6 Firebirds, and V-6 Camaros and such. Some 80s model 305 V-8 Firebirds it will stay even with. All this being done, now I can keep up with the more modern cars,and surpass some of them. The ram air really starts to shine on the freeway, the pedal is very responsive. the exaust sounds perfect, low and bassy sounding. It is loud, but not too loud. There is no annoying tin can sounding muffler on this Daytona. The duallys really put out the bass, more importantly, the exaust did help my mids and really helped my high end out, but without losing any low end.Alot of things have been replaced on the car such as; the transmission(rebuilt), axles, distributor cap, brakes, valve cover gasket, rack and pinion, oil pan gasket, radiator fan motor, and fuel pump, complete engine rebuild, tb gasket, all engine seals, most vaccuum lines, etc. It is almost a completely rebuilt car basically, but only better.In stock configuration, it was not a very fast car. The upgrades were done because the stock parts needed replaced anyways, so why not use performance parts instead? When the engine needed rebuilt, I took the whole intake, and exhaust manifold home and ported it all out. I also gave the mechanic rebuilding the motor instructions to shave the head 35 thousandths and bore the engine over by 45 thousandths.I am happy with this car, as it has the looks, cargo space, comfort, up and go, and the sound of the exaust enhances the whole package.Updated pics will be posted ASAP showing the digital dash, strut brace, ground wire kit, and Blaster 2 coil.
Mike Tampa 6 08-03-2018 02:33 AM
ramsewakseo 3 07-25-2018 04:23 AM
vntned 3 07-22-2018 03:16 PM
1986 Laser XE Turbo
Ultramagnus 22 07-20-2018 04:47 AM
turbo-charger 31 07-18-2018 04:10 PM
CSX/Shelby/Turbo/Etc. Parts
pkpturbo 42 07-17-2018 06:26 PM
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