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Rebuilt and ready to sell.
MoparMan64 15 03-27-2018 10:18 PM
My 2.2/2.5 build
SpiralLight 13 03-07-2018 06:44 PM
Turbo to throttle body hose
Please contact me if you can help me finding this turbo to throttle body hose (part nr. 4458147)
peterkovacs 1 01-29-2018 11:39 AM
1985 Dodge Daytona Concept
Dodge Daytona/Chrysler Laser concept car for the 87-89
Car was supposed to be destroyed, ended up being sold to a company who raced it. Then it was sold again, crate motor and tranny dropped in by new onwer. Sat in garage for 20 years. Guy gave it to his friend who drove it a couple years and put 20,000 miles on it, then sold it to me.
Rear spoiler goes around the car like normal but then goes up the back windows to the top of the car.
2.2 Turbo
5 speed
Stage 3 kit installed
All new suspension
New fuel tank, pump and sending unit
Around 240HP
New CV axles
Upgraded ignition coil
New rear window
Rims shot flat black
Fearlessnxo1 22 01-17-2018 01:19 PM
"The Omlet" (Project Quick Silver)
The Omni
Some older pics of the first time around fixing things up.

To date the GLH popped the head gasket so currently building it faster and lots of new upgrades!
GLH Turbo 86 18 01-06-2018 09:22 PM
85 Shelby charger
This is my 5th Shelby charger finally scored one that came from Florida so no rust finally , I have owned many turbo dodges over the last 20yrs , omni glh , Lebanon gtc , spirit rt , Daytonas , shadow witch 2nd favorite body style that used till scored a good Shelby charger , I forgot my old password but name was boostendaytona i believe , I have sold parts here like Mike's exhaust header and many other parts , my Shelby has been under construction last couple yrs cause when was finally ready to drop in new motor and tranny went threw a divorce set me back a bit while my baby sat in a storage whole time, guess was gona do hybrid with it cause always wanted a srt4 but could never find on at a fair price with in a couple hundred miles then finally did so figured the head with all the goodies for hybrid could go onto that and stay sohc ghead with Shelby because not impressed with the srt4 well Aint even a true dodge motor and is a pos , tranny needs new input shaft bearings and so on and haven head ishues as well so glad to have a spare will fix and sell at tax time , car looks cool but not like my Shelby charger well got a built 2.5 in it now 20 over venolia pistons t3 rods 912 wrist pins arp rod and main studs all ballence with spirit rt flywheel for crank sensor if needed down the road with a ported ghead doing as close to Steve's job as I could with back cut valves still stock for now got two threads gona do big valves on that one and see difference on dyno or brainerd to sample other cams running 89 TBI for starters with a cut open one piece intake opend up as much as possible added spots and the 3.3 elbow can't wait to try then just a t2 exhaust manifold reinforced welded ported out allen wrench bolts now well same on intake with old turbo studs ran in all the way cut off drilled in lightly to weld tops then refilled and tapped t3 for my holset he351 with 9cm exhaust so should breath nice with a socket 87 can Daytona t2 lm with boostbutton switch 3 bar map big injectors afpr wana run e85 hooked up to a 523 tranny 350 final drive witch have the 568 as well but needs 3rd gear synchro is how I bought it so 523 seemed better , so now just got a rewelded front end back together cause did a bfic with new radiator set up bat now in trunk for tubes and a srt4 cold air intake set up worked good to go to box built behind driver side blinker with letting more air in around blinker and put in manual steering so no pump in the way for the nice 4" down pipe got some spare hoods as well thinking about a scoop on spare hood to blow air on intake next to built kinda like srt4 hood next to the bubble , but when done with welding under the hood sand blast and paint under the hood going with dark grey were it's red and keeping light grey stripe and ground effects same color so matches interior no clue why they never did that color , lol sapose grey my fav color tho , will post a lotta pics showing project cause will finally b on the road again next spring , my daughter loves the car wanted to name her Shelby but didn't fly with exwife but she knows it's her car some day , witch after all tuned good wana put a 3 speed auto in it for her and 1/4 mile of course but will always stay in street drive able I got many blocks so probably some day build a 2.2 for it built all the way resone a 2.5 cause had built for shadow then finally found a rust free charger Shelby again witch never thought would happen last good one I bid 10,000 on eBay and still lost but was a sweet car altho not a glhs was a t2 like shure every one watched that bid , but happy didn't get cause got to build this one like I always wanted , altho the 2.5 probably great for it with ghead and auto, witch still years of work on it will do disc in back air shocks to help traction at launch so back don't drop as bad then repaint interior plastic new carpet and head liner well do door and trunk trim top of dash while got that stuff out befor new in then finally can paint the body , eyeballing my srt4 dual exhaust tips might make spots on back bumper to do same befor the big paint witch will b 4" down pipe back aways but switch to 3" before tank and axel got 3" off a old Shelby cause nice with out shifter linkage taken up the hump to go all out with exhaust altho know 3" is enuff but already had to make down pipe why stop there figure wouldn't ever need they y then and in MN so no car inspection for cat or any of that
85$helby 6 12-13-2017 04:58 AM
'86 Omni Build!
Build by a non-TD guy, what could go wrong?!
Inferno1zx 3 12-06-2017 06:23 PM
2012 Challenger
Dakfur 2 12-03-2017 07:15 PM
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