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Conversation Between moparfwdsleeper and dragbaron
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  1. dragbaron
    01-22-2011 12:48 AM - permalink
    Well, if it isn't the leading cause of turbo Dodge deaths in America! I see you got your name back, and you're a Mod again.....WTF? Does your wife approve you new avatar?
  2. moparfwdsleeper
    01-21-2011 11:00 PM - permalink
    you know, youz still ghey honkey!
  3. dragbaron
    11-15-2010 07:30 PM - permalink
    That Shadow is the Old lady's car now. It looks the same as then, but runs a stock '87 motor at around 13lbs, and a '90 VNT 568 trans now. She didn't like where reverse was on the 555 that I had in it. The "In your face" intercooler is a bit too much now, as it doesn't have the power to back up the looks!
  4. moparfwdsleeper
    11-15-2010 12:04 AM - permalink
    So... When do I get the Shadow you stole from under me?

    Or atleast get to see some new pictures of it.
  5. dragbaron
    01-28-2009 10:28 PM - permalink
    Come on, you could then paint your speaker grills, dash trim, and any other things you could get off, orange! Then put an orange APC sticker on the back window! That would be gansta! HEHE
  6. dragbaron
    01-28-2009 10:12 PM - permalink
    I guess if it is your SBEC, you could wire in an external voltage regulator. How about you paint the car Chevy orange to match the valve covers?
  7. dragbaron
    01-28-2009 09:49 PM - permalink
    I figured you would just "murder" them out! Leave them on, they match your orange-glowing alternator wire! HEHE
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