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  • gunblue ·
    Hi Johny hope all is well.
    Do you know anyone in Canada with a healthy A568 17 spline trany available? I have a small spline and want to upgrade Simsy has one in Scranton PA with 97K on it but thats a 2 day event for me.
    I already sent this to you but not sure if you got it. what are you driving these days?
    gunblue ·
    Hi Johny I finally stripped my 90 VNT and the head has 4 cracks in the valve crotches would you just shop around for a new one or get it fixed i have no idea of repair pricing or where to go.
    Dr. Johny Dodge · ·
    hey sorry if I missed this message
    the cracks between the valves are usually benign - they don't lead anywhere
    the solution is to simply peen them shut with a hammer & punch

    the guy at the machine shop did mine for free way back .. as he was explaining it all to me..

    I think he might have spent more time 'splainin' than tapping with his hammer..
    - it's disturbingly simple
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