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  • turismolover22 ·
    Hey! I just now saw the message you send me. Not to be "that guy" but at least the rack I put in wasn't faulty/installed wrong. I wouldn't be too happy with myself on that one. What all did they end up working on? Does your diesel mechanic neighbor still live by you? I recall the days I worked on that van like it was yesterday...glad it is still ticking.

    As far as the mounts are concerned, make sure whoever replaces them ensures both the engine is centered as well as "level" with the engine bay. If it isn't, it can cause premature wear on your CV driveshafts. Feel free to shoot me a private message if you want to discuss anything further in depth/detail.

    And thank you for the holiday wishes, I appreciate it. You have yourself a merry Christmas too
    turismolover22 ·
    Yeah, it does seem soon. Its been a few years, but still. I guess the big question would be from where? It could also be the lines. Id assume there is some warranty on the rack though. Everything was installed right, so I dont see an issue there lol. And I have been great!
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