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  • GhostDaytona ·
    Hey Jackson, read the sight, I'm assuming at the bottom about your friend, he sure put up one hell of a fight,seems like the kinda friend you make for life. I'm sorry you lost such a good friend, I know how that can hurt believe me. He sounded like someone I wouldn't have minded knowing myself. Atleast you can keep his memory flying down the highway, by keeping these beautiful cars rolling. An when I buy that 92 from Tony, I'd be real proud to have you add it to your site.
    Shawnstevens ·
    Hi there, I've been reading up on your fix for the t3 timing belt issue. Just bought a t3 and the oil pump rod, crank and other things have been replaced and reworked. Timing belt needs to be tensioned and I'd like to do the mod. Do you sell ready to install brackets ?
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