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  • shelby554 ·
    Please add my Shelby CSXT to the registry.

    Donald E. Jones
    1988 Shelby CSXT 554
    Sulphur Springs, TX
    Excellent condition, running, 41000 miles.

    I have owned this car since 1989.
    dragbaron ·
    Well, if it isn't the leading cause of turbo Dodge deaths in America! I see you got your name back, and you're a Mod again.....WTF? Does your wife approve you new avatar?
    dragbaron ·
    That Shadow is the Old lady's car now. It looks the same as then, but runs a stock '87 motor at around 13lbs, and a '90 VNT 568 trans now. She didn't like where reverse was on the 555 that I had in it. The "In your face" intercooler is a bit too much now, as it doesn't have the power to back up the looks!
    turbokid ·
    Welcome to Turbododge Clayton.
    I hope you enjoy your stay at the best turbo forum on the web. Dont worry we wont kick you off or call you a post whore for too many posts. Also Oklahoma sucks.
    have a nice day you douche bag and welcome to forum ASS. Also we are an anti-part all your cars forum
    Sincerely your very best friend.
    Daytona Junkie ·
    Welcome to TurboDodge.com!

    If you have any questions/problems, feel free to contact me or any of the staff.Take a minute to introduce yourself here


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    brett_498 ·
    you have any idea how to get an abs equiped steering wheel out of a 1991 dodge shadow without setting the bag off. just disconnecting the battery do it?
    shadow71 ·
    I have a Turbo XS type H-RFL blow off valve that I just bought. Do u have a picture or diagram on how to hook up the line from the BOV to the vacuum lines? I have no clue on how to hook them up or how they hook up. Thanks
    dragbaron ·
    Come on, you could then paint your speaker grills, dash trim, and any other things you could get off, orange! Then put an orange APC sticker on the back window! That would be gansta! HEHE
    dragbaron ·
    I guess if it is your SBEC, you could wire in an external voltage regulator. How about you paint the car Chevy orange to match the valve covers?
    dragbaron ·
    I figured you would just "murder" them out! Leave them on, they match your orange-glowing alternator wire! HEHE
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