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  • DCTZ ·
    I see you are in NJ. I am in NNE NJ at the NY boarder and an original owner of a 85 Turbo Z. Just got it back on the road after its hibernation in the garage. I have been active with Turbo Dodge on and off for 25+ years. Message me back.

    gema ·
    Naj, looking for advice. My 1986 Daytona rear bumper support and energy absorber posts need replacing but I can't find anywhere. Can you help me as to what I can do or where I can search. Thanks Gema
    Hey NAJ, could you pm me the differencs between a t1 and a t2 head? thanks, my friend is offering me a head off his 89 shadow with the turbo and everything for $20, just wanna make sure im making the right devision, Thanks man!
    EL PROFETA12 ·
    hi good day, I'm from mexico, and I have a dodge daytona shelby 90, I have a problem with the MAP sensor is the same as you in the picture, which is the price you have your sensor as well as shipping to Mexico to zip 37530
    EL PROFETA12 ·
    hola buen dia, oie disculpa soy de mexico, y tengo un shelby dodge daytona 90, tengo un problema con el sensor MAP es el mismo que tienes en la fotografia; cual es el precio que tiene tu sensor, asi como el envio a mexico al zip 37530
    waegele ·
    Thank you for all your help. I just saw on your profile that you are from jersey & go to atco speedway. this was stomping grounds of mine 20-30 years ago (west deptford high). It been a while but the memories flooded back when I saw you had it listed. Thanks so much for your help. it made the impossible, possible. I posted some positive feedback for you, just cant thank you enough.
    1985shelbyturbo ·
    im having problems with my 1985 shelby charger 2.2 turbo,it runs very rich and many vacuum lines have been messed up and rerouted incorrectly,ive got some of the vaccum lines fixed to what i think are correct but i am sure plenty of them are still incorrect i dont know much about this car i think its the map sensor and/or the o2 sensor,the car also has a high performance holley throttle body could this bee my problem? if it helps telling you this my boost guage dont work either. please help!
    longsocks96 ·
    hi. i have a 89 2.5 dodge daytona cs turbo. i got a vacuum block but i im not sure exactly what all needs hooked up to it so i can replace all the old plastic vacuum lines would you happen to have some diagrams to help me out please? names gordon email is [email protected] thanks for any help you can give.
    NAJ ·
    I assume this is a VNT(engine code C).
    If so congrats on the find.
    Need more info.
    I also assume this is a no start.
    The studs for the tank straps are broken and the tank is still in the car or out?
    I assume you attempted to connect a scanner to the diag connector and it would not communicate with the vehicle?
    tag454 ·
    NAJ i currently bought a 1990 dodge daytona shelby 2.2 turbo and it was sitting for 3 to 5 years but theres a couple things wrong with it that i cant figure out and was wondering if you had any idea.
    first of there was a full tank of 5 year old gas in there and i took out the fuel tank to drain it and the hanger bolts snapped then i found out my fuel pump was bad so i bought a new one and cant put it in with out taking out the studs and dont know if that was the problem to begin with or not
    and the diagnostic plug in dont read at all
    and the previouse owner thought it was the ecm so i replaced that

    could there be any other problems that im not thinking of
    NAJ ·
    Just hope the diagnostics help you isolate the problem.
    At the bottom of the APPS installation was the throttle reset procedure.
    NordicShania ·
    NAJ-wanted to say thanks for the info - i sure hope it is the APPS sensor - cause otherwise i'll have a $433 paperweight. As soon as i figure this site out better maybe i can help someone-NordicShania (that was my Malmutes name & my GunBroker handle)
    91DaytonaIroc ·
    can u call me and explain why my clutch is still messed up,i put the new cable on and when i let out of the clutch it feels like its still half way in and half way out.????336-214-5870....thanks,my name is drew
    NAJ ·
    The controller with the programming as it came from the factory for the specific vehicle(engine) it came in.
    NAJ ·
    Honestly I do not know, I have never done the chains on a 2.7L.
    We were a Jeep Dealer until Chrysler filed for bankruptcy and we were on the hit list so we did not see a lot of 2.7L's.
    Did you follow the flow chart for the fault code you had?
    That was a Cam Sensor code and will create a no start.
    I am assuming from what I read that this is an interference motor so Cam to Piston(Crankshaft) placement is extremly important.
    Worse comes to worse I would follow Chryslers service instructions for removal/installation.
    Troopez4 ·
    so in order for the car to start the cams have to be lined with TDC correct? since the mark on the oil housing is ADTC? I put everything together and the car wouldnt start
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