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  • NAJ ·
    I can probably get those from Chryslers Tech Authority.
    Where would you like it posted?
    04srt ·
    hey i say that you post some vacuum diagrams. i was wondering if you had any diagrams for the 2004 dodge neon srt-4?
    NAJ ·
    Yes I do have the wiring for 1990 vehicles.
    If you need anything send me your e-mail address or sign up as a member and I can send what you need thru the site.
    skinny ·
    HI NAJ YOu have helped me in the past with wiring for digital dash in a 90 lebaron conv. ended up being a bad cluster. sent it out 3 times for repair but was not repaired. now I need to know if I can swap the digital for a analog, do I need to swap BCM, do you have a wiring diagram for the analog if needed . Your help has been really appreciated Thanks
    Moparkid2.2 ·
    ok but which nossle is the bleed. the top, middle or bottom nozzle? And I didn't think that it would create a no start condition either but just want to be sure..
    And no check engine light and last time i hooked my drb up to the comp there were no codes in memory. There was a "no change in map vac from start to run" code but I fixed that prob and cleared it like a couple months ago...
    mrglenn ·
    thanks NAJ got my headlights working again it was the headlight switch post was moving. noticed when I took the cover off right below the ignition it has a module with 7 wires coming from it one of the wires the gray with black stripe had melted apart,would like to know where does this go to.It has fire when the key is on from both ends.could this have happend from that shakey post on the headlight switch? car runs fine everything is working it is a 1990 spirit with tilt wheel and air bag thanks
    mr. lonely ·
    Hello NAJ thanks for the info it's confusing but cool,was working on my car today and noticed some odd things.Is the an engine diagram or pictures cause there seems to be some things missing off my air filter can hoses coming of it.Also other than dirt and grime everywhere.Say where are the most common leak areas on these cars cause this on has it and need to see where the hoses go to and stuff so I can put back together properly,for the most part its good just want it to mu standards.
    mr. lonely ·
    Hey there sir was wondering what size of sway bar bushing is on my shadow or how do I find out?We are covered in snow here and I am a larger person,kinda hard to slide under it.
    NAJ ·
    Code 54 is the fuel sync signal from the HEP, that will result in a no start condition.
    Be sure it is a hard fault, clear the codes(be sure the 54 cleared) crank the engine for 10 seconds and recheck, if the 54 returns that is where you need to start diagnostics.
    Either log in as a new member and open a thread or send me your e-mail address and I will send you the diagnostics and wiring I have. Also what model?
    Cyr Performance ·
    Hey NAJ, Cyr Performance here, I raplaced the map sensor and still not getting enough fuel. Runs great if I spray starting fluid through the intake as soon as I stopit rough idles and won't rev. Now the only code I get nis 54 but not sure if that is no sync pick-up sgnal or end of codes. It is a 85 2.2 turbo. Any suggestions on what direction to take.
    NAJ ·
    First you need to be sure the engine is not completely flooded or it will not start even when you find the problem.Be sure the plugs are not saturated with raw fuel and the oil is not fuel diluted as this will wash down the cylinder walls and create internal damage even during prolonged cranking so if need be clean/replace the plugs and change the oil.
    During diagnostics unplug the fuel pump connector at the tank so you do not flood the engine again.
    Creating an open in the secondary ignition may cause damage to the controller, hopefully this did not happen.
    First check for fault codes, if codes are present post them, if no codes proceed.
    Remove the coil wire from the dist cap and hold 1/4" from ground and crank the engine for 10 seconds, spark should be strong and consistant.Count 1-2 sparks as no spark.
    If spark is present check at the plugs, if spark is present the ignition system is fine.
    If no spark is present be sure the distributor is turning, if ok while cranking the engine check for power at the + coil, if no power the problem is in the ASD or HEP circuit.If power is present while cranking the engine check the - coil with a test light while cranking the engine, the light should flash on/off, if so the problem is in the secondary ignition, check the coil, dist cap, rotor, wires, plugs.
    If the ignition system checks ok the problem is in the fuel control system and you will need to start with fuel pressure readings.
    Start at the beginning checking as I posted, do not assume things are good or you may bypass the problem.
    NTD ·

    I'm a novice when it comes to dodge electrical systems, and was hoping you could help me. I'm going to sound like an idiot, but I need my car fixed so I'm going to tell you what happened. First though the car is a 1987 Dodge Daytona Shelby Z.

    Well, today I was trying to check a possible knock in my engine by disconnecting the wires, securing the disconnected wire, and running the engine while listening for changes. While I had the number 4 wire loose it vibrated off the cable I had it hooked to and began sparking against the block. Before I could shut the engine down it did it on it's own. Now it won't fire up. It will turn over all day and I can hear the fuel pump and smell raw gas coming out of the tail pipe. It's dark out now, but luckily I'm off work for veteran's day tomorrow.

    What should I do? What should I check? I'm sorry to bother you with this, but some posts I've read of yours say you should be able to point me in the right direction. Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated.
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