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  • gerbot_3000 ·
    Hello, i am not a very active or known user such as the pope or others, but i keep reading this very good forum. I am also in other forum in mexico, i think you know it.

    To the point, can I still get my subscription and enter the raffle?
    I have more than 10dlls in my paypal account, but i dont have a credit card, so the forum doesnt let me do the payment, is there any other way?

    Thank you
    71petty ·
    dear rick p i just recieved a reply from someone who wanted to purchase a flywheel from me i didnt want to sell for the price he offered so he writes me a degrading reply questioing my intelligence level basically insulting me when all he had to say was no thanks im a chrysler and ase certified master tech and have been since 1986 I prepped the first turbo lasers delivered to the dealer network and have had turbo dodges ever since. I love this website and in no way does this behavior reflect upon you all. I just thought you would like to know about one of your subscribers way of dealing with other members of your site. thank you very much 71 petty.
    Shadow ·
    Back at you! Thanks for straightning that out for me, I prob should be more aware of these things! lol Could you tell me how to get a pic into my sig? I tried and it just posts as [sig pic] ?

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