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  • 85lebaront2 ·
    I tried to post this but apparently your inbox is full:
    FWIW, I took a cal a fellow on Turbo-Mopar.com sent me to try and since I have it at least running with a unmolested SBEC, I decided to try the one you socketed with the cal he sent me. Key on got ASD and fan pulse, and ISC went to full open. Started it up, revved way up (no tach yet) then after a couple on mins, dropped down to a pretty solid idle so it is apparently OK. Now I need to find out why the tune I purchased from BoostButton when Rob Lloyd owned it doesn't work. Seems rich at idle, but I have nothing on the exhaust besides the 2 1/2" pipe.
    signsoflife22 ·
    Hello TDers!
    How much HP, TQ, and ultimately PERFORMANCE can be drawn from an 80's 2.2 liter turbo Dodge engine?
    That is the question I spend a great deal of my time trying to answer.
    Problem is, every time I come up with an answer,
    some other TDer goes and tops it! lol
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