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  • MoparGriffin ·
    Mr. Moderator, haha nice Q. Rampage went on its first drive today, took it up to midas to get an exhaust welded on, they arent ready until Friday now..Fan controller doesnt work but she hauls ass for running halfway right for a day or two now!
    moparfwdsleeper ·
    Thanks for the heart warming welcome.

    Now, if you could assist me by buying a few wrecked SRT4s so I can start hoarding parts that would be great.

    PS.. I'm no longer the reaper of TDs. If I ever find the 'one' I desire, I will have to much invested then it would be worth in parts.

    1987 Shelby CSX(i miss this car so much)
    1991 Spirit R/T(like Jacksons' red one)
    DaytonaDude1984 ·
    just wanted to say love the charger , thats my favorite car of all time. exact same set up i would have. oh and i am about to get an 85 lazer xt. just thought it was cool
    leo1956 ·
    One of your messages listed a 89 lebaron for parts. I'm needing a front clip for a 89 or a parts car for mine. What price? Thanks leo1956
    mopar Dave ·
    Hey turbokid new on here noticed you have a 66, I've got one too. Mine is a 67 383 4-bbl, # match. Don't by chance have a spare emblem for the trunklid? Know your in KC wanna go to gateway with me and moparfreak3 and some others?
    bildenn89 ·
    hey man i have a fully assembled 1986 t1 motor. it only has 66,000 miles on it. its still in the car(blown tranny). its a shelby z daytona. i bought the car because it was a package deal with my turismo. i started it up, but the timing needs reset,the belt jumped a tooth.im just throwin it out there, if i dont want it its cool. ill probably start throwing it together soon. ill just put a junkyard tranny in it, and a new belt,and exaust. and just sell it . get back to me
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