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  • Electrakat ·
    Sorry it's taking so long to respond but I moved again. Rack is not leaking. All the work Firestone did for me is faulty. Leaking power steering pump, oil pan gasket, messed up fuel pump, and bad motor mounts, had that replaced twice but they want me to pay some outrageous price, just for labor on all the rest. No way. Gonna replace it all again but not by them. Other than that Van's still doing good. How's things going your way? Hope all is good. If I don't talk to you by holidays have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Take care.
    Electrakat ·
    Hey Turismo, you're gonna love this. I just now found a message you sent me back in 2011, well now it's April 2015, still runs like a trooper. Thanks to you guys and all your advice. And by the way, I' trying to figure out all this stuff on site. Friending you and making NAJ a contact, I hope I'm doing this right. LOL If not let me know. OK, gonna post a new question, also I just found out my rack that you replaced is starting to leak, seems a little soon, don't ya think? And "How the hell are you doing?" I hope all is going good for you.
    syxxaxsis ·
    Thanks! I just posted about an oil pressure issue that I am having in the Turbo Help forum, check it out!

    My cousin had a Daytona just like mine before I can drive and my car just took a crap on me. I however, have the fortunate problem of needed to move to California next year because I work for rockstars. I didnt want to purchase a car more than $1000 and seen this Daytona on craigslist. The gentleman I purchased it from was in the process of trying to get it mechanically back to stock, then after that he was going to start putting performance parts on...so with that I decided to purchase it and try to make it last until I get to Cali. Its a project, but I also need it to be dependable for the moment. Once in Cali I will have enough money to have it pimped out like it should be :)
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