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  1. Spirit R/t Complete Part out

    Parts For Sale
    Also interested in the grill, headlights, and marker lights if they were not damaged in the accident. Grill seemed to be in excellent condition, but if there are broken pieces I'm not interested. Thank you
  2. Spirit R/t Complete Part out

    Parts For Sale
    Do you still have the spoiler? I'm interested in one.
  3. 1988 Dodge Shelby CSX-T - $4500

    Cars For Sale
    Were you on Power Tour this year? If so, I've seen this in person and it is one SWEET and CLEAN ride!! Good luck with the sale! :thumb:
  4. Installing overhead console in T-Top Daytona?

    Ok, so I know it can be done. But I have a few questions, what car should the console come out of? I don't want it to be too wide, it want it to fit pretty well between the two T-Tops. Also, is the wiring already up hidden behind my headliner or will I have to wire it in myself? Thanks for the...
  5. 1995 Dodge Neon - $5000

    Cars For Sale
    Yes, I'll get interior pictures up soon. The mileage on the cluster says 134,000, but I drove it with another cluster for about 600 miles. You wouldn't think that the car has that much on it though if you saw it. And it runs like a raped ape.:thumb:
  6. 1995 Dodge Neon - $5000

    Cars For Sale
    Yep. Still got her!
  7. 1995 Dodge Neon - $5000

    Cars For Sale
    I can't take any less than $4500
  8. 1995 Dodge Neon - $5000

    Cars For Sale
    Thanks for all the complements! If anyone needs some pictures of the undercarriage or interior I can put some up! The car is really reliable and is a blast to drive!
  9. 1995 Dodge Neon - $5000

    Cars For Sale
    Category: Domestic Status: Clean Title I have a 1995 Dodge Neon for sale, in USA - West Virginia. Asking price is $5000 This is a extremely nice 95 Neon. It is ultra rare due to the color, engine, and 5 speed combo. The color is called Nitro Yellow Green, and was a throw back color of...
  10. '89 Silver Daytona production numbers?

    Discussing Shelbys
    That car looks great! My car really needs some work, I have a 568 and a clean motor with a few thousand original miles on it. So I need to get that motor put in, out of the Lebaron. Then the seats need recovered, new paint job, and new pipe run for the exhaust. My garage has six cars in it, and...
  11. 1991 Dodge Spirit ES Turbo - $1000

    Cars For Sale
    What engine? TII or TIII?
  12. 1986 Dodge Omni GLH - $5,000

    Cars For Sale
    How would you feel about trades?
  13. USA various parts that i want to sell

    Parts For Sale
    I want the fog lights! What are they off of?
  14. #### Enter for Car of the Month July 2012!! ####

    Turbo Dodge Ride Of The Month
    I love that turbo Z. I hear that tan interior is ultra rare.
  15. wv

    West Virginia
    I would definitely do the 16th of September for the SCCA!
  16. System check in 89 dayona?

    Okay, thanks! It will be pretty cool!
  17. System check in 89 dayona?

    Okay, so just cut the wires off my message center to make the pig tail, or do I have to cut the wires off the system check harness?
  18. wv

    West Virginia
    Count me in too! I live in Parkersburg!
  19. I need digital cluster dash daytona es 1989

    Parts Wanted
    Look in the parts for-sale section. His name is j4278h, he has a bunch for around $100 I think. You're gonna need pig tails to put it in if its an analog car. PM him, and I'm sure he would help you!
  20. System check in 89 dayona?

    Nah, No parts car, sadly. I'd like to convert everything to digital, because everything is kinda getting faded, little worn down. Plus all that digital stuff is killer and screams 80's! but there is a 88 'tona down the road at a junk yard... maybe I'll make my way over and see about that wiring...
1-20 of 76 Results