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  1. A413 down shift problem.

    Transmission, Suspension, Brakes, Tires & Wheels
    I have an 86 Turbo Z with A413 trans. Been shifting fine, and i know there is a small pan leak (fixing that this weekend). It shifts up just fine and sounds good. However, the downshift from 2 - 1 is starting to snag up. Lately 70% of the time it will down shift fine, then up shift like it...
  2. New production door lock bezels for daytona

    Parts For Sale
    Yes! you read that right! NEW PRODUCTION DOOR LOCK BEZELS FOR 1984-1989 DAYTONA! With testing since December of 2017, the I am now fully confident to debut these officially to Turbo Dodge! All information is on this link...
  3. Gen 1 Tail Light emblems

    a guy on Facebook was selling them. He had a bunch of NOS emblems. And these were in the mix. So, this was a no-brainer to get. :) I also restored an old badge and it looks really nice. I used the SEM 39141 black paint. And leftover paint from the body shop. It came out really nice. Now,I can...
  4. Gen 1 Tail Light emblems

    For my 86' Turbo Z, or for all of them, the badges on the are faded and the red is practically gone. Along with the black stripes on one side. I Have a spare set so I'm gonna practice, but I just recently got a NOS "TURBO Z" badge. IT IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THING I HAVE SEEN! I got it to replace...
  5. 1986 Dodge Daytona turbo z - $750

    Cars For Sale
    can be easily fixed. Id replace turbo, fix timing, and check tensioner. I have the same car as you. Also check that the turbo cooling lines aren't clogged too. Don't part it
  6. USA Parting 85 Daytona Turbo

    Parts For Sale
    Are the lenses in the Door panels in good shape?
  7. Engine idle motor issues

    Turbo Dodge Help
    Please... Check your AIC (air idle control) motor.. The gen 1 AIC is very different from the gen 2.. If your AIC does not work properly, you will not idle right.. Also, check for voltage change in your TPS. If there is anything wrong with the TPS, check with a multimeter.. Max voltage is 5V. If...
  8. Electrical speedometer not working

    Turbo Dodge Help
    Also, check your speedo and tach drive boards.. They are on the top corners of the cluster mount assembly. Speedo one is on the left. Tachnon right. (when looking at the gauges). You will have jumpyness if a board doesn't work right.
  9. 84-89 Daytona Manual Center Console 70$ plus shipping

    Parts For Sale
    Center Console for 84-89 Daytona. Manual console. Comes with arm rest. boot is in perfect shape.No ash tray. Color is grey, and condition is good with normal wear. 70 Plus shipping.
  10. 87-89 Daytona Turbo Tilt column 85$ plus ship

    Parts For Sale
    this is COMPLETE COLUMN comes with ORIGINAL KEY. Everything needed to wire up the column is present. The tilt works just fine and is still stiff with the spring. The steering wheel is not in the best of shape, but the airbag face is in perfect shape. It is GREY. Price is $85 Plus shipping from...
  11. ISO OEM 86' Daytona fabric or seats

    Parts Wanted
    Was looking to have my Seats/interior redone, but trying to lower some costs. Does anyone have any OEM black Daytona Fabric/cloth? or a red fabric? OR does anyone have any black cloth Front seats for an 86' Daytona. NO TEARS
  12. Intake manifold Swap

    Engine - General, Exhaust & Induction
    I'm looking to one day swap my 86' Daytona's T1 log manifold, to a T2 1-piece manifold. The only thing is, the T1 came with the silver airbox, and I quite like the way it looks. Is there any way swap to the 1-piece and keep the stock T1 airbox? I have the 1-piece manifold in my garage and...
  13. WTB Analog Gauge Cluster

    Parts Wanted
    I may have an extra cluster. i need to check
  14. OMG. Can somebody please make glass channel seals for us!

    Development Lounge
    Im late to this thread. But I am now having this same issue. I have found that some aftermarket ones seem to be real close, but it just doesn't seem to be close enough, or wont work right. There is an extra piece of rubber on the sides of our channels. the after market doesn't have those. The...
  15. Laser 86

    Project Log
    This is really Cool!! i want to try this to a 2.2 we are going to rebuild!
  16. Glass Run for 86 Turbo Z

    Parts Wanted
    wow.. If even you don't have any (not trying offend, cause you have basically every single part that is HARD to find.) then there REALLY isn't any around.
  17. Glass Run for 86 Turbo Z

    Parts Wanted
    Looking for glass run number 4198664 I believe. And 4198665. would really like it to be in real nice shape. If not, anyone know of any after market stuff?
  18. Installing the 4th cylinder coolant mod (kit)

    Engine - Turbo & Block
    This is very intriguing. How well has any of these mods work? I have an 89' Daytona Shelby, T2 5-speed, bored out and bigger injectors and etc.. pushing 21lbs of boost. We have a heating issue especially when the AC is on. Going 65-70-75 overheating begins. Looking to swap to an aluminum...
  19. Feedback on a Chinese casting head

    Engine - General, Exhaust & Induction
    this is why we have 3 extra heads in our garage. lol. But I never knew that these heads were still, "made".
  20. LED Bulb swap issue

    Ones in the cluster are GARU prndl is sylvania
1-20 of 70 Results