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  1. Still the best 8V Intake

    Group Buy/Product Polls
    By about four years. Just kidding. I think at this point they can build you one any time. Cool! I had never actually seen a picture of the Lone Wolf unit before.
  2. Where Are The Stock VNT's?

    VNT & Other Turbo Vehicles
    Alton Illinois. They were all on the street in front of the two houses we own. Some of them tagged were registered some weren't, but they don't care. Seven in all were tagged. They hate everyone in town with project cars.
  3. Where Are The Stock VNT's?

    VNT & Other Turbo Vehicles
    Steve B from the forum here now has Trent Barger's old VNT coupe. I had to give the thing away after a rash of tow taggings by the city, along with my Horizon and my Turbo GT convertible. :(
  4. 1989 Shelby CSX rolling shell

    Cars For Sale
    So what you're saying is only $200 for a set of fiberides? Nice.:cool:
  5. '86-7 Stage II Shelby GLHS Logic Module with original box & decals !

    Parts For Sale
    Ah screw it. Send it to me. It's a conversation piece. PM me your paypal and shipping to 62002.
  6. GLH Turbo Parts

    Parts For Sale
    Turbo GLH, turbo Shelby Charger, GLHS Omni, and GLHS Charger drivetrain and suspension are all fully interchangeable carman 88. I'm from the area where the springs were made, and know the son of the guy that designed them and I still can't seem to catch a brake and get a hold of a set to save my...
  7. USA 86 glh parts

    Parts For Sale
    Where are you located? I might consider a bulk buy of whatever you have left.
  8. Shelby charger weatherstripping

    Development Lounge
    Just saw the post about the price. Does that put the material and labor at $550 then? That would be the cost of a finished set from you?
  9. USA 1987 Shelby Lancer #415

    Cars For Sale
    Nick, call Steve's cell number. It's listed in his signature at the bottom of his posts. Go get this thing. That new price is a sweet deal.
  10. 87' Shelby charger drive line parts

    Parts For Sale
    Stephen, what kind of intercooler is it? Is it specifically for an L-body, or just a Daytona unit? I have family in Villa Rica.
  11. '88 Shelby CSX-T original set of wheels

    Parts For Sale
    8 years. Man, I bet Nick Winkler doesn't even mess with turbo Dodges anymore.
  12. 1987 Dodge Shelby Lancer - $2800.00

    Cars For Sale
    What color is your new CS? I had a red one a while back. It had manual locks, seat and windows but cruise control. It had been rendered a parts car by previous owners losing the title, AND taking out the tire tub body plug. That allowed field mice, fat from soy beans to make it their kingdom. It...
  13. 1987 Dodge Shelby Lancer - $2800.00

    Cars For Sale
    I was sad to hear that the local kid has no cash. Sometimes selling cheap to someone who seems to love a car is a crapshoot. I have given people cars to find them for sale on Facebook marketplace four days later.
  14. Is our TD hobby dying?

    Turbo Lounge
    Recommended music to read by: Pulse Power by Dynatron. I grew up in a 1987 Voyager. My sister's first car was an '81 TC3. My wife and I don't own any cars newer than 1991 and that's what we daily drive. FWD Chrysler TBI and turbo cars. For the past four years I have been doing my best...
  15. 1987 Dodge Shelby Lancer - $2800.00

    Cars For Sale
    I gave #053 away this spring. The Shelby Z drivetrain(forged TII with A-555) ran but the car had a lot of rust. Good luck with your sale.
  16. USA Literature: Parts,Shop,Owners Manuals plus Brochures and more

    Parts For Sale
    NOS P-body lock knobs and escutcheons in the dark red?(burgundy)
  17. Chem software for custom diagnostic module?

    Well, since Facebook is utterly useless for anything other than crap posting; I've been trying to get a hold of a software I've been told works with this little board I got that plugs into the OBD-1 diagnostic port. It's supposed to be called "Chem". I have mentioned it nonchalantly here but I...
  18. USA SOLD - 1989 Dodge Daytona ES - $700

    Cars For Sale
    I hope he at least checked that it wasn't a turbo coolant line before he scrapped it.
  19. USA SOLD - A520 Transmission

    Parts For Sale
    Evan. The CSX 520s were the same as a base Shadow 520. The only 520's that were 3.85 FD were in minivans. How close are you to St. Louis? I may be able to help you.
1-20 of 484 Results