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  1. CANADA dodge spirit parts

    Parts Wanted
    I'm running out of luck trying to locate any local cars, so I need to expand my search. I'm looking for someone in CANADA (because shipping from the USA is too expensive). I have a 1995 Dodge Spirit, 2.5 liter automatic with a/c. I looking for the following: 1) Lower steering column trim...
  2. Official Spirit/Acclaim/LeBaron (AA Body) Thread!

    Can someone here do me a favour? Looking for someone with a Spirit R/T or ES model (stock height, not lowered) to measure the height from the ground to the wheel lip (front and rear). Thanks.
  3. Ignition key won't open trunk ?

    Turbo Dodge Help
    Long story short....1995 dodge spirit, non-turbo, 2.5 efi. original key was lost. I have 2 all metal keys (not oem and have no rubber shoulder), which work fine in the ignition, but will not open the trunk. Any obvious reason for it to work in ignition, but not the trunk? And no, trunk lock...
  4. CANADA WANTED; pumper center caps

    Parts Wanted
    Thanks for the reply. I don't think I'll be ready to paint and install the rims until next year, so if/when you are looking to sell, please keep me in mind.
  5. CANADA WANTED; pumper center caps

    Parts Wanted
    I'm still on the hunt for a set of "DODGE" center caps. I managed to locate a nice set of "CS" caps, but would prefer the DODGE ones.
  6. CANADA Spirit lowering springs

    Parts Wanted
    I'd sure like to see some pics if anyone's ever used these springs on the dodge spirit? Any information on drop rate over the stock ones?
  7. CANADA Spirit lowering springs

    Parts Wanted
    What make are the springs ?
  8. Spirit door pillar tape replace ?

    My door pillar tape is starting to show signs of age (fading, chips, bubbling, etc.) Has anyone removed the black pillar tape and NOT replaced it? If you did replace it, how difficult to replace with new? Did you still need to remove the belt moldings and all other door chrome trim? Does...
  9. USA Complete Spirit R/T partout

    Parts For Sale
    I wish I wasn't so far away....and I'm sure shipping would be outrageous, but I sure would like several of your parts (luggage lid spoiler, side skirts, grille, bumpers, etc.). These era cars (Spirits/Acclaims) have all but disappeared on the east coast of Canada ! I know of 6 in my area (my...
  10. CANADA Spirit lowering springs

    Parts Wanted
    Any pics to share ?
  11. CANADA Spirit lowering springs

    Parts Wanted
    Dad gifted me with his 1995 Dodge Spirit last month when he bought himself his first new vehicle (2019 Cherokee). Just a plain Jane 2.5 auto with gold package, but garage kept it's whole life. 35,000 miles and original paint. I'm likely going to put some pumper wheels on it I and eventually...
  12. CANADA WANTED; pumper center caps

    Parts Wanted
    You beat me to it.....! LOL
  13. PT GT wheels (17") on a base model Spirit

    Transmission, Suspension, Brakes, Tires & Wheels
    I have a good lead on some mint PT GT 5 spoke wheels (painted, not chrome) and was wondering if I'd encounter any fitment issues putting them on a base model spirit that has 195/70/14 alum rims? I realize I'd need to adjust for tire size, but other than that, any concerns....and if I wanted...
  14. CANADA WANTED; pumper center caps

    Parts Wanted
    I've located a set of CS center caps....still looking for DODGE ones though....
  15. CANADA WANTED: Spirit quarter mouldings

    Parts Wanted
    Thanks Marty. I need Left and Right. Can you pm with with the prices and if you have both sides ?
  16. CANADA WANTED: Spirit quarter mouldings

    Parts Wanted
    I've noticed some cars have them, while others do not. Is it based on model year or trim level? Regardless, I'd like a couple to complete the look of my "gold package" Spirit. let me know what you may have available.
  17. Plymouth Accaim Turbo ??

    Turbo Dodge Help
    I tried searching online, but didn't have much luck. Hoping someone here can point me in the right direction. Were there ever any Plymouth Acclaim turbos built ? If so, what wheel/tire combo was on them from factory? Any pics available to view ? Friend of mine looking to make a clone and...
  18. CANADA WANTED; pumper center caps

    Parts Wanted
    I'm looking for a set of "DODGE" Pumper center caps. I am located in New Brunswick, CANADA. Let me know what you have, condition and price. Thanks
  19. 92 shadow convertible 3.0/5-spd $300 Craigslist MI

    Cars For Sale By Others
    as per first line of post.............not mine.
  20. metal oil caps wanted

    Parts Wanted
    Hi Willy. My ability to produce some additional Shelby oil caps (with a metal original), is dependent on how many oil caps I can find and the price people are willing to pay. The reproduction medallions would cost me approx. $20 each (a little less if I have a larger order placed). Add in...
1-20 of 439 Results