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93 Turbo 3.0 Duster
Been in the family since 1988. Been with me since 3/2020
I bought it in 2007, a car manufactured in 1989, was not on the go without an engine, but the condition of the body was in the best shape, despite many small scratches. After some time, I bought a 2.2 turbo engine with a 555 gearbox. After that, it was decided to update the body, etc. In 2012, I...
It has an 87 t2 intake, and 86 turbo z leather seats,
1989 LeBaron Premium Convertible
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1989 Dodge Daytona (Flash Red)
1987 Shelby CSX (Black over silver)
1986 Dodge Daytona (Black-Gold)
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