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The long process of ending my procrastination and getting this done.
1990 dodge Daytona
I recently picked this up from my ladies uncle who passed. Its been sitting in his garage for a lot of years. I didnt get to meet him so I don't know any history about it. There is almost no rust anywhere on the car with none on the body. Crazy for coming from Michigan. The engine is torn apart...
This is a car shelby his self worked on with dodge in 84;
Details to follow. The previous owner did a mountain of work to this...so I've invested in an amazingly solid car.
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W Love the wing window my first shadow..
Been in the family since 1988. Been with me since 3/2020
I bought it in 2007, a car manufactured in 1989, was not on the go without an engine, but the condition of the body was in the best shape, despite many small scratches. After some time, I bought a 2.2 turbo engine with a 555 gearbox. After that, it was decided to update the body, etc. In 2012, I...
It has an 87 t2 intake, and 86 turbo z leather seats,
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