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General Information

1989 LeBaron Premium Convertible
Claret Red
Premium, Infinity II sound system
1 owner vehicle - originally bought in CA, moved to Tampa FL. Purchased from a consignment seller in September 2019.
The vehicle is nearly pristine low-mileage survivor - 56K 1-owner - when I got it it was clean and running but needed some additional general maintenance. It is a top-of-the-line model with all available options - "corinthian" white leather, all digital dash, Infinity II sound, etc.

I've replaced the struts\springs in front, shocks in rear, replaced an unreliable fuel pump (would scream at times and strand you with 1/4 tank), both driveaxles, spark plugs, plug wires and distributor and given the vehicle a detail cleaning. Did a repair of the wiper assemblies (bushings broke down) and repaired to working order the headlight covers. I've also collected miscellaneous small pieces to complete the vehicle - two sets of Pentastar keys, Pentastar red leather keychain, complete set of service manuals, etc. The Infinity radio worked but had some electrical gremlins - I pulled it apart and cleaned\soldered things but they persisted. Ended up finding another unit that works great.

The car has the 2.5L turbo which runs well. Previous owners had done some other general maintenance such as as replacing components on the AC to make it run (and 134A conversion), new tires, new radiator, new brake pads. The vehicle is particularly clean - no rust underneath, no significant damage or accidents (some pings to address with paintless dent removal.) The body panels still have their matching VIN tags on them. Paint is in excellent condition for 30 years old, only has a few minor blemishes or areas where the clear coat is broken down a little.

Things that are still outstanding (as of Nov '19) are some leaky seals in the transmission (take to the shop in the spring), and a troublesome issue where the 12-button Navigator fails and a few units I've put in it fail quickly too (suspecting stray voltage is frying something.)

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Nice...can you post pics of the interior and engine bay?
Marty - that was one set of pics I didn't get yet. I'll try to get some in the next week when I have the car out from under its snow cover and in the garage to test the SMEC for those Navigators of yours I have. It's really pristine, though.

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Yeah that is a pretty cool ride. I got a cool car of my own that I will be building with my dad soon.