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Daytona Iroc Rt
Long history, don't know whats true and whats not but have spoke with the 2nd owner and sounds correct so here it is. The car was a Chrysler executive car and while being driven got hit in the door. Chrysler sold it at auction with no title to an owner of a junkyard by detroit. His father owned a body shop and fixed the issue and then the owners brother bought it. He applied for a title with paperwork that i have in March of 94 and received a reconstructed title which the car carries today unfortunately. He lost interest and sold it in the summer of 2015 to a kid who thought it was cool and no clue what it was, he got tired of it quickly then had someone also hit him in a parking lot in the edge of the fender by the door. I found it online and drove 8 hours to go save it. Its currently waiting for a few parts but still driven. The interior is in excellent shape with original floor mats and all panels just as they were new. Exterior is rust free and in great shape short of its last accident.
1993 Dodge Daytona Iroc Rt (Green)


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