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General Information

Roadrunner Purple
Shelby Z
I found the car in a coastal Oregon driveway where it had been sitting for the last 8 years. I bought it for $300 from an older couple who I believe to be the second owners of the vehicle. They daily drove it for several years, did some performance modifications, and parked it where it sits when they put a hole in one of the pistons.
1987 Dodge Daytona Plum Crazy


The previous owners have lead me to believe that the original Turbo II is still there, albeit heavily modded (300bhp was claimed). I haven't been able to verify the condition or presence of any performance additions but I'd love to believe they are there. The valve cover and oil pan are currently off the engine from when it was diagnosed, but the engine still spins freely and easily.
As it currently sits, I believe most of the interior to be stock, albeit very rough from years of coastal rain and leaky T-tops. There was an aftermarket stereo and speakers that were removed before the car was parked. I plan to do a semi-stock interior rebuild where I keep all of the stock parts I can but fabricate my own custom parts for those that aren't salvageable.
I believe the original color of the car to be a dark blue, repainted early in its life to it's current purple, which I think is Plymouth Roadrunner purple. There are T-Tops on the car, which I have been unable to confirm are oem or not. The car also has several stickers that I don't believe to be stock on the car, otherwise the exterior appears to be stock.
Wheel and Tire
The car currently sits on two 15 inch "Pizza Wheels" and two 14 inch steelies. The tires are old studded tires that have been on the car since it was parked 8 years ago.



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