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I bought off of a friend who was making room for another Daytona he purchased. He was going to sell it to another person, but they never called back or showed up. So after hearing from my dad that I had just gotten my permit and was needing a car ,since the 1997 Dodge Dakota we had died from transmission failure, he sold it to me for $800.
This is my 1984 dodge Daytona that I bought off of a friend who was making room for another Daytona he purchased. It is a base model with a TBI 2.2l and a 3-speed automatic. It has brown and tan vinyl interior. I did look on the inside of the inner door handles and the vinyl had the pentastar logo stamped on it, so I very sure the interior is original. It had the factory radio in it and it worked extremely well even the tape deck worked perfectly, but the temperature outside dropped so quickly that it heat shocked the plastic bezzle and busted it a part and I had to switch it out. The A/C system currently doesn't work because the fusible links for the radiator system popped and the original owner didn't feel like replacing them and instead swapped the 3 prong connectors between the fan relay and the A/C relay since they are wired in a similar way. In doing so getting the radiator fan working and breaking the A/C system. I also think the original owner wired the thermal switch on the A/C expansion valve and the cylinder head in series so the radiator fan comes on at the correct time, but I haven't checked to confirm that. the heater works though and very well I might add. also the rims were switch out from the 4 lug style to the 5 lug style which is kind of sad since the 4 lugs are kind of rare. Even though the 5 lug is a stronger pattern. And I know this car originally had 4 lug wheels, because the spare tire was 4 lug and the tires that were on the 5 lug wheels were the low profile racing tires that the Shelby Chargers and Omnis usually use. And the tires were very bald by the way. Everything else is original as far as I know. The user manual has writing and notes from the original owner which is cool. And if you are wondering about the shift knob it broke because the plastic got brittle. It has an upgrade from the original owner, the transmission has a manual valve body which is cool.


EGR delete, Manual valve body done by original owner
Single DIN Radio, 2 3-Way JVC bookshelf speakers in the trunk connected to the rear outputs for now until I go and get the correct speakers
Cat. Delete and a Cherry Bomb Glass Pack with the output coming out at the back of the driver door
added the isolators from thee 1985 model year which was a recall back in the 1980's funnily enough
Wheel and Tire
5 lug conversion done by original owner I think


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Also I would like to see how I'd go about decoding the fender tag there in the last photo. If any one could help me out it be very appreciated.