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  1. 1984 Daytona Turbo Z

    1984 Daytona Turbo Z

  2. USA Wanted 84' Daytona Turbo Front clip on

    Parts Wanted
    Hi my father has a wrecked 84 Daytona, and requires a new front end. He is seeking the 84 Turbo model, not the turbo z. If you have any in the South, or in around Georgia, we can arrange to pick it up. If it is elsewhere then it would need to be shipped. Thank you!
  3. 1984 Dodge SE 600 upper cam cover

    Engine - General, Exhaust & Induction
    I am having little or no success trying to find this part. I have had suggestions however, part not available or ... It is described as an upper ( beside the manifold ) cam cover. I have photo which I will try to attach to this. The part is basically a cover over the upper cam located on the...
  4. 1984-1986 Turbo Logic Module Information

    Engine Mgmt., Fuel, Spark, EGTs, & Air/Fuel Ratios
    I realize most modders are only interested in '87+ T-II modules and, if I'm not mistaken, those are the only LM styles that work with MoparCHEM, but since my Laser is an older model, I'm interested in the T-I modules and how to mod them. I've started dumping ROMs from '85 and '86 LMs. One Manual...
  5. 1984 Dodge Omni GLH for sale

    Cars For Sale By Others
    Ive got a very original 1984 Dodge Omni GLH for sale. The car has original paint and interior. Im the 3rd owner. The car has been in California its entire life. It has 110,000 miles. The car is located in Upland Ca. Will post more details and pictures later. asking $2,100 Ethan (909) 740-4576
  6. WTB: Shelby Charger 83-84 non-turbo preferred

    Cars Wanted
    Looking for a CLEAN, running or non-running Shelby Charger. Prefer the n/a (non-turbo) cars but a clean, damage free, turbo might do. I don't care about mechanical condition as long as the body is straight and damage/rust free. Have cash and motivated for the right car. Cars within driving...
  7. Need Parts for 1984 Shelby Charger

    Parts Wanted
    Hey everyone, I need parts... again. I desperately need the upper and lower timing belts for my charger, and the bolts that hold them on that go through the valve cover. Also, I would like to find a tan arm rest for the center above the E-brake. Mines cracked and falling apart.
  8. 84 chrysler Executive Sedan motor swap

    Carburetted and TBI Injected
    Howdy, I'm searching for motor swap ideas for a 84 executive sedan w/ Mitsubishi 2.6 motor. Thanks
  9. 1984 N/A Omni Motor/Tranny... And a 1990 Omni's Automatic transmission

    Parts For Sale
    Hi..I figure maybe this is the wrong forum to post N/A Dodge parts but who knows maybe some1 needs this stuff for their daily driver... I have a 1990 Automatic Omni that I'm converting to a T2 So I don't need the automatic Transmission or the motor... They run absolutely perfect and have...
  10. New guy with a 84 Daytona turbo Z

    New Member Intros
    Hello everyone, after a rough couple of years I've decided to get back to my roots and just bought a 84 Daytona. As you can see from the pics, she is in rough shape. So far all I've done is slapped on a new starter and battery to get her home. Not bad for a $500 car. I've loved Daytona's since...
  11. Passenger window needed for lebaron convertible

    Parts Wanted
    I am looking for a passenger window "guide plate" for my 1984 lebaron convertible. The window is intact, won't go up or down and is stuck due to a "guide" that is either malfunctioning or broken. would like to buy a good used part or window with guide intact. Also need a new windshield and a...
  12. 1984 map sensor

    Engine Mgmt., Fuel, Spark, EGTs, & Air/Fuel Ratios
    where is the location of the 1984 dodge daytona turbo z map sensor? if anyone would have pics that would be great. thanks :bang head
  13. New guy here. I have an 84 Dodge Rampage

    New Member Intros
    Hey I'm Tristan. My first car was an 84 Dodge Rampage. I drove it until the frame rails rusted out too much. I am about to start restoring it as my college project. I am looking at getting an 87 Shelby charger to convert the rampage to a turbo shelby. I also have turbo parts off an 87 LeBaron...
  14. I'm looking for a stock carburetor for a 84 Omni

    Parts Wanted
    Hi everybody.. My girlfriend recently bought a 84 Omni and I've been going through replacing everything that's bad and finally got it started the other day. So I got it started but it won't keep idling, it won't start unless I put my hand almost completely covering the carb flaps then it'll...
  15. Help with Vaccuum lines...

    Turbo Dodge Help
    Hey everyone, Ok so I'm building a 1990 T2 Omni which has been a lot of fun but Yesterday my girlfriend bought a 1984 Omni 2.2 (Carbureted) for $350 from a junkyard as a Surprise... The body's perfect and came with the 83 Aluminum bathtub head but the Vaccuum lines are a mess and is the only...
  16. Very stiff brake pedal

    Turbo Dodge Help
    So today, I bought the love of my life. A 1984 Shelby Charger. It is in absolutely wonderful condition, however, the brake pedal is VERY stiff and hard to push down, and the car does not stop like it should, it takes a LOT of effort to bring her to a halt. I've got a feeling it's the brake...
  17. Whole heap of stuff

    Turbo Dodge Help
    Hello fellow TDers. I've recently become the proud owner of an 84 Daytona Turbo. The wife and I took it on a drive the other day, as we were clipping along the highway at 75 MPH, the car died as if someone reached over and turned the ignition off. Pulled over to the side of the highway and...
  18. USA polished 84 ac/delete

    Parts For Sale
    have a extra i dont need . sealed with shineseal, 35.00 +shipping
  19. choosing an exhaust

    Engine - General, Exhaust & Induction
    so i just got my 84 n/a 2.2 running like a top. took the air pump off, got a mild cam, stock everything else. i want to get a new muffler. i was wondering what muffler would give me a sound that doesn't sound like a ricer but at the same time gives me more decibles than stock. not going to...
  20. My 1984 Daytona Turbo Z

    TurboDodge Snapshots
    My 1984 Daytona Turbo Z Automatic Mostly stock, mods include rims, K & N air filter, stereo (Pioneer head unit, Pioneer amps, Infinity sub), extra tach, boost, and oil gauges. Not much else...oh yeah, a little bit of woodgrained interior pieces from a LaBaron...eh, why not? Lot's of work done...