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  1. USA 87-88 Daytona Shelby Z Parts

    Parts For Sale
    Dodge Daytona Shelby Z Parts - 1987 - 1988 FWDP Stage V Logic Module for 87 88 Stock SMEC Logic Module for 86 - Stock from an 86 Shelby Charger Turbo II Engine Parts Short Block Heads - 2 Intake Exhaust Manifolds - 2 Intercooler Turbo Swing Valve - 2.25" 555 5 speed transaxle Fuel...
  2. Wanted - tonneau cover 87 Daytona Shelby Z

    Parts Wanted
    Hi all, I'm looking for a black or burgundy tonneau cover and mounting accessories for an 87 Daytona Shelby Z. Please let me know if you have one or know how I can get one. Thanks!
  3. Help Me Catch Crabs

    Parts Wanted
    I just acquired a 'like new' 1987 Shelby Z with 19,016 original miles. It is so like new that it's still sporting the original Goodyear Eagle 225 50 VR 15's on rims that are better than were on an '88 Shelby Z I purchased out of the south in 1991. The tires aren't weather checked, and would...
  4. 1987 CSX Shelby Shadow #153 for my dad's birthday

    Discussing Shelbys
    Hello, I am in search of information on the 1987 Dodge CSX Shelby Shadow #153. This car was my father's before he had my sister and I, and he has been reminiscing often of his times with the CSX lately as he approaches his 50th birthday in June. I am drawing blanks researching the car on Google...
  5. ATC Blend door motor (part# 3848566)

    Parts Wanted
    IM IN NEED of an ATC Blend Door Motor for an 1987 Chrysler Lebaron
  6. 1987 Shelby Charger Stage 2 Logic

    Engine Mgmt., Fuel, Spark, EGTs, & Air/Fuel Ratios
    I'm recently sent my computer to get recalibrated. I accidentally got a 1987 stage 2. And the 87 shelby uses an 86 logic. No biggie. I'm fairly good on electrical systems. I added a few pins to the logic mod plug ins and moved a few wires so it would work with my 86 electrical system. I used...
  7. USA 1987 Daytona part out

    Parts For Sale
    im parting out my parts car t-top 87 shelby the motor trans and front suspension are gone its mostly all the body is left the floors are gone but lots of good body left let me know what you need or i can sell the whole car i just dont want to scrap it im in detroit mi pm me or give me a txt at...
  8. USA 1987 GLHS Centurion II Wheels, Brochure, Stock Air Cleaner Box & Hoses, Sunroof Bag

    Parts For Sale
    1987 GLHS Centurion II Wheels, Brochure, Stock Air Cleaner Box & Hoses, Sunroof Bag Username: Coputeryoda2600 Full Name: Michael Sanford Location: San Diego, CA, 91941 Contact: [email protected] or Cell 619-261-6604 Price: RIMS: $200.00 Plus Shipping OBO - Please email me about other...
  9. USA Mopar stage ll Logic Module for 87 Dodge shelby charger turbo

    Parts For Sale
    Brand new in box with bubble wrap from FWD performance. I am selling my shelby, and the computer is not going with it. SO, , for sale: a brand new Mopar Stage ll Logic Module for a 1987 Dodge Shelby Charger Turbo. price listed on FWDperformance.com is $159 message me with offers. maybe trades...
  10. 1987 New Yorker questions

    Engine - Turbo & Block
    So on my hunt for new engines my friend came across a guy that has 2 New Yorkers. We went and looked at them the other day and they appear in rather good shape. The are plush leather looking interior, all electric including the dashes. They are both T1 cars but I couldn't get a good look at the...
  11. New GLHS owner

    New Member Intros
    Hi all, I'm Phoebe. I am the new owner for Nick Spina's 1987 Charger GLHS #151. I used to own a 1985 non-turbo GLH when I was in college, and it is the one car I regret the most selling. I told myself that once I was ready to move on from my current car, a 2000 Ford Focus ZX3, that I would look...
  12. 87 CSX cruise control

    Turbo Dodge Help
    I was wondering did they make alot of 87 CSX with cruise control ? or is that a rare option
  13. 1987 Dodge Shelby Lancer - $4500

    Cars For Sale
    Category: Domestic Status: Clean Title I have a 1987 Dodge Shelby Lancer for sale, in USA - South Carolina. Mileage: 122000 mi Asking price is $4500 #379 of 800. 5 sp. Great candidate for restoration. Garage kept, no rust, and all original. Daily driver for my mother-in-law until she...
  14. 1985 Dodge omni - $1500

    Cars For Sale
    Category: Domestic Status: Clean Title I have a 1985 Dodge omni for sale, in USA - Indiana. VIN: 1B3B718E0F0240981 Engine Size: 2.2 turbo Asking price is $1500 Getting out of the game. I have non running 1985 GLHT silver and rust with red interior. Ground effects all the way but not...
  15. 1987 Dodge Shelby Lancer - $$4400

    Cars For Sale
    Category: Domestic Status: Clean Title I have a 1987 Dodge Shelby Lancer for sale, in USA - California. Mileage: 149550 miles Engine Size: 2.2 litre turbo Asking price is $$4400 Here is my super clean 1987 Dodge Shelby Lancer Intercooled Turbo! #38 of only 800 made at the Shelby plant...
  16. I'm looking for headlight bezels for an 87 Lancer.

    Parts Wanted
    Car is an 87 Lancer Turbo. It's not the Shelby version. It's white (if that matters) with black headlight bezels, but color doesn't matter. I'm putting a car together for my daughter, and I can't seem to find the headlight bezels. The ones on the car are busted where my buddy hit a dear. I...
  17. 1987 Shelby CSX oil cap.....

    Parts Wanted
    Does anyone have the original oil cap that had the CS Shelby logo on it?? please I just have to have one... :) thanks [email protected] :p:rolleyes:
  18. CANADA Looking For 1987 Horizon Parts

    Parts Wanted
    :First TD: Looking for parts for a 1987 Plymouth Horizon...I'am located in Regina, SK Canada. Very New To The SIte...And Really Want To Get My Car Going...LoL..TOO Much Love...I think 1984-1990 parts will fit...but i'm sure alot of you know alot more than I do..lol..tiz why i'm here. Need...
  19. wondered where this thread was...

    New Member Intros
    Hi, I'm Joe, Just got my first Daytona Shelby Z about 3 weeks ago. Definitely the most fun car I've ever had, I've been around the site here a little bit, and everyone's seemed nice and helpful so far. Anyways, my car is an 87 Shelby Z, I posted pics of it a couple days ago. -Joe
  20. what kind of head do i have? daytona shelby z

    Engine - General, Exhaust & Induction
    Hey everyone, i keep reading about different types of heads and porting methods and such in the forums.... I am just wondering what kind of head does a 1987 Daytona Shelby z have? I haven't been able to track down a forum or website that could tell me yet. Also what does everyone suggests in...