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  1. Turbo Dodge Help
    well i thought it was the map sensor, wasnt that, changed the fuel filter wasnt that. car still jerks and hesitates while 3/4 to full throttle boosting 3500 rpms and up. i cleaned the contacts on the injectors, tested them-ran .01-.0 ohms. i dont know what else it could be.
  2. Parts Wanted
    looking for a rear hatch louver for my 88 daytona shelby z. i dont wanna spend $250 for one on the internet.
  3. Turbo Dodge Help
    88 dodge daytona shelby z. when I bought the car, the guy said that there is no fuel cutout when boost too high. i turned my boos controller up and hit about 16-18 lbs. and it cut out. is there any way to disconnect a wire or trick the computer so it wont cutout???
  4. Engine Mgmt., Fuel, Spark, EGTs, & Air/Fuel Ratios
    88 Shelby Z TII. When cold, it idles high as it should and comes down as it warms up. Thing is, when its cold and you give it some throttle and let off, it drops to about 400 rpm, tries to stall but doesn't, then recovers back to high idle. Its fine once its warmed up. What may cause this?
  5. Exterior
    bought the car about 4 months ago. cleanest daytona ive seen, the bottom of the doors are spotless. threw a good sealer on it and paint. looks alot better. now for the engine compartment and interior maybe. some mods i got into it.... 2.2L 5 speed turbo.. turbonetics series 60 turbo, +40...
1-5 of 5 Results