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  1. Chrysler V6 engines
    http://www.summitracing.com/search/part-type/camshaft-kits/make/jeep/engine-size/3-8l-232 It looks the same and I know the Jeep uses the 3.8L out of the van, which didn't change much at all for the last 20 years.
  2. Project Log
    It begins!
  3. Chrysler V6 engines
    I'm trying to find a 3.8L block to use for my 89 Daytona to V6 swap. It's incredibly hard to find a '94 Caravan with the 3.8L. However, I have found tons and tons of 3.8L newer gens. I was curious if an old '94 era ECU could run a ~2000 3.8L. From what I've read (I've read A LOT about this) the...
  4. Chrysler V6 engines
    I saw on a few 3.0L cars people have swapped super chargers off of 3.8L Ford Thunderbird Super Coupes. It's an Eaton based super charger. One of them towards the bottom of the page: Performance Tips for the MMC 3.0 V-6 And...
  5. Cars For Sale
    Category: Domestic Status: Clean Title I have a 1994 Chrysler town&country for sale, in USA - Indiana. Mileage: low km Engine Size: 3.8L Asking price is $1,500.00 wrecked low milage AWD minivan. Chassis straight, runs & drives, most body parts missing, has been stored inside for many...