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  1. Parts For Sale
    Not sure where this should go so will start here .I have a 24 foot Shasta tag along travel trlr. I'm hoping to trade for a jeep Cherokee sport preferably 98 or prior at-least mid to late 90's , would need to be in good condition body wise engine doesn't need to run or can have engine or trans...
  2. Cars Wanted
    looking to buy a dakota 4x4 doesnt have to be pretty at all just has to be a 4x4 and preferably a 3.9 or a 2.5 motor thats fuel injected. has to be an automatic with working all wheel drive good motor and trans, dont care about cosmetic or chassis condition. let me know,
  3. New Member Intros
    Hi all! I have a 97 wrangler and a 04 Pt GT. This is a winter project my son and I are going to complete. The plan is to install the turbo 2.4 from the PT into the wrangler. Some people tell me it's alot EASIER to put a V8 in it and they may be right. My son has an 03 SRT-4 that runs sweet...
1-3 of 3 Results