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5 speed swap

  1. Auto to 5 speed swap?

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    Looked through the stickies but didn't find a write up on the swap. I should have everything I need: trans, axels, linkage , cable, and the pedals. Anything else? I'm silk having trouble with the omni do I'm just going balls out and doing the 5 speed turbo conversion to make a glh clone. My...
  2. wanted 5spd swap

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  3. USA COMPLETE 523 Tranny Package

    Parts For Sale
    Posting this up one more time, i had it posted up around june with no takers. What i Have: 523 Transmission (out of a 91 Daytona) Both Axles Clutch, Pressure Plate, & Flywheel Center Console, Shifter, linkages, and Pedals *Perfect for 5 speed swap. Looking for $300 (firm) for this COMPLETE...
  4. 93 Spirit 5 speed swap!

    Transmission, Suspension, Brakes, Tires & Wheels
    Hello. I am new to this forum and hoping someone could answer a few of my questions! I have a 93 Spirit, 2.5L TBI, 3 speed auto, slowest car I've been in in a long time. I have the tranny, flywheel, and clutch setup all from the a-555, which is from an 89 shelby i believe. Still need to get the...