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  1. SRT-4 Engine swap set up + 568 trans + megasquirt

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    Here it is guys! I'm going in a different direction with my Omni build and I wanna give someone else a good deal on an almost ready swap 2.4L turbo engine and 568 5-speed transmission. The engine is a out of a 2003 Turbo PT cruiser (same as SRT4) plus the added oil cooler. It has 160 Psi...
  2. Whiney 568

    Transmission, Suspension, Brakes, Tires & Wheels
    I have a '90 568 that has a slight but annoying whine only in 5th gear when lightly loaded. If I am going slower than 25 mph or faster than 60 mph, no noise. I can run in 4th or any other gear at any speed or load and get no noise, so I'm guessing it is related only to the 5th gear area...
  3. Questions about use of a 1990 568 with LDS in an L-Body

    Transmission, Suspension, Brakes, Tires & Wheels
    Will be installing a 1990 568 with a quaife LSD into my 86 GLHS. When using the 90 omni auto axles ( as have be told as per forum threads) do you have to: Modify the passenger's side axle to fit in the Quaife? As per another posting: "When using a Quaife in a 555/568 you are supposed to have to...
  4. USA COMPLETE 523 Tranny Package

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    Posting this up one more time, i had it posted up around june with no takers. What i Have: 523 Transmission (out of a 91 Daytona) Both Axles Clutch, Pressure Plate, & Flywheel Center Console, Shifter, linkages, and Pedals *Perfect for 5 speed swap. Looking for $300 (firm) for this COMPLETE...
  5. USA Complete TIII with alot of extra parts

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    I need all this stuff gone ASAP, I just found out that I am going over seas for the next 5 years. I dont want it to sit in storage while im gone. Unless we make a deal everything is pick up only or may be willing to deliver or meet part way will work with you. Complete TIII motor. (it has a...