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  1. USA Turbo and Swingvlave for sale

    Parts For Sale
    I currently have the following items for sale. All prices are OBO and shipping is not included unless otherwise stated. Feel free to p.m. me and we can work a deal. I'd love for these to leave my work area and make room for my new setup. 1. 2.5'' Turbonectics Swingvlave Used - $100 SOLD! A new...
  2. Turbo compressor housing woes

    Engine - Turbo & Block
    So hear is the skiny. I have a .48/.60 garret turbo .60 is off of a Ford Merkur. I also have a stock t1 garret .42/.48. the .48/.60 garret needs a rebuild while the T1 seems tight and spins freely. Can I just swap the compressor housing and run the T1 with the .60 compressor housing? I noticed...
  3. .60/.48 T2 Turbo

    Engine - Turbo & Block
    So I have a stock T2 Garret on my 89' Daytona and from what I read it will max out at 250ish hp? I was wondering with a .60/.48 combo what kind of power I could see. I have all the supporting mods. i.e. +40, Stage 5, Adj cam gear, AFPR, slightly ported head, wideband, and soon to have a FMIC...
  4. Ford Turbo price?

    Board Discussion
    Today I found a Ford Merkur with its turbo still attached. I don't know the full specs but I know it has the .60AR cold side. The JY wanted $175 for it. If its a great price and someone wants it let me know. I'm happy to pull the turbo and check it out. If its in good shape I could ship it out...