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  1. Mitsubishi V6 engines
    So my friend Tim has a Daytona 3.0, 5 speed. He blew the motor and decided he wants to swap the MIVEC 3.8 6g75 out of the new eclipses into it. Is this a valid swap option? He seems to think it will bolt in and bolt to his trans so all he'll need is the motor and ecu. Will it really bolt...
  2. Mitsubishi V6 engines
    well trying to save as much fuel as possible i did a tune-up this weekend, i went to 5 auto parts stores looking for the best of the best. (without ordering online or wait for shipment) went to AL's for NGK V-power plugs, best price. i swear by these plugs, went to autozone and bought an MSD...
  3. Mitsubishi V6 engines
    alright! today i bought myself a 1991 daytona ES 3.0 5 speed!!! had to drive 250 miles to get it home but it was worth it!!! the best part only $900!!!!
1-3 of 3 Results