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  1. 87 daytona front and rear bumper/lights fit 86 body?

    Howdy people, I have an 87 daytona shelby Z with a crap interior but decently intact exterior. I am looking at an 86 shelby Z with a good interior but the exterior front and back are in poor shape. My question is this: can I take my 87 style front bumper (with popup lights and everything) and...
  2. USA Conquest drivers window regulator

    Parts Wanted
    need the drivers side window regulator for my 87 Conquest/Starion.
  3. USA Mopar stage ll Logic Module for 87 Dodge shelby charger turbo

    Parts For Sale
    Brand new in box with bubble wrap from FWD performance. I am selling my shelby, and the computer is not going with it. SO, , for sale: a brand new Mopar Stage ll Logic Module for a 1987 Dodge Shelby Charger Turbo. price listed on FWDperformance.com is $159 message me with offers. maybe trades...
  4. engine light and gas tank.

    Turbo Dodge Help
    so i have been noticing while going around turns that my engine light comes on. first thing i did was check my oil. i was a little low but not much. added more and went driving, its still doing it. ran my codes and got 11-12-55 but 12 and 55 are normal. i dont see how 12 would affect my engine...
  5. Are my pistons LW?

    Engine - Turbo & Block
    so i got an 86 tona, and i found out when pulling the engine that there is a 87 rebuilt engine in it, and i wanna know if anyone could tell me if the pistons from in it are LW or not? are they suposed to be in a 87 2.2 or should they be HD? ALSO! would an 87 moter work proberly on a 86 car? or...
  6. 87 Turbo-2 blow Thur conversion

    Turbo Dodge Help
    My 87 shelby Charger was converted to T-2,blow Thur.I have extra wires added from the logic module to the wires that go to the throttle position senor and I believed the ideal sensor and there is a black wire added to the logic module but is not hooked up.Is there a diagram on how and what wires...
  7. Few 87 Turbo 1 Parts For Sale

    Parts For Sale
    Turbo 1 LM,ECU, etc I have a few parts that came off of a Running 87 Lebaron GTC Up First: Power Module $35 Turbo 1 computer $50 good for replacement or core Turbo 1 Intake W/Fuel Rail,Injectors,Throttle Body,Sensors,Intake Couplers,Regulator Minus fuel rail harness $65 Turbo 1 Intake Box...
  8. USA looking for fenders both side for my 86 daytona

    Parts Wanted
    Either here in Michigan or someone that willing to ship, Need drivers side and passager side fenders. Going nee pics of the fenders and priced please. Also dose anybody know repaint trim to make look good, like the black parts on top of doors and the skirting around the bottom. Also how...
  9. Head swap Q's

    Turbo Dodge Help
    So after tracking my boost issue to the exhaust manifold I'm going to pull the head. Since I have 3 or 4 heads laying around here and my old mans I thought it best to take advantage of the situation and get one cleaned up ready to go on. There's nothing wrong with mine but it seemed like a time...
  10. new toy/knightmoves 2.0!!!

    Mitsubishi V6 engines
    alright! today i bought myself a 1991 daytona ES 3.0 5 speed!!! had to drive 250 miles to get it home but it was worth it!!! the best part only $900!!!!