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91 daytona shelby

  1. 91 Dodge Daytona Shelby, Seat Belt HELP please

    Hi all, need some advice/help. I need to replace the drivers side seat belt (black) on my 91 Daytona Shelby. Where do I get a good part, part number? And anyone out there done this? heard have to pull the back seat to get at the back mount. Thanks ahead, Ret. TSgt Jeff Bobela.
  2. Explain T-1 Mitsu Turbo

    Engine - Turbo & Block
    Hello, On Saturday I helped a fellow TDer install a vacuum block on his 91 Daytona Shelby T-1 Automatic. He had a crate engine installed (Mopar from Mancini Racing, complete with new turbo, injectors and harness, manifolds, etc. When it was installed the shop did a good job except they did not...
  3. 91 Daytona Shelby

    91 Daytona Shelby

    My stock (for now) Daytona Shelby