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  1. A-413 transmission driver side CV axle oil seal

    Turbo Dodge Help
    On 94 Shadow A-413 three speed automatic I am changing the oil seals at the differential where the CV axles pass through the case. Have not done the driver's side before. Question is: there appears to be no way to get to the seal on the driver's side to either pry it out or to press it back...
  2. a-413 shift kit i want one!

    Transmission, Suspension, Brakes, Tires & Wheels
    so i've hunted around on the forum for quite a bit, and i want a shift kit in my 1987 dodge shadow 2.2 t1 (t2 conversion soon ;) ) with an a-413. as far as i can read the superior kit is the one i want, but which ever kit i install THE TRANNY NEEDS TO STAY IN THE CAR, i really dont have the time...
  3. A-413 trans not shifting

    Turbo Dodge Help
    I rebuilt the 2.5 and the a-413 automatic in my 90 Daytona. The engine runs great! The trans is a whole other problem. I have 0 (ZERO)PSI governor pressure and the trans is stuck in 2nd. I have reverse, but it will not shift in drive. There is about 60-80 PSI at the low reverse test port in...
  4. Lots of Daytona Parts

    Parts For Sale
    All parts from an 87 Daytona Pacifica T1 unless otherwise noted. PM me with any questions. Shipping will be calculated. I still have the car this stuff came off of, but chances are if its not listed, I"m keeping it, but feel free to ask anyway. Thanks 2.2L T1 Short Block Assembly - Original...