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  1. C/Y body rear disc swap info

    Transmission, Suspension, Brakes, Tires & Wheels
    Alright so we went to throw the old ladies rear disc setup from her Spirit that’s going to the junkyard on to her new Dynasty, only to find out that the rear spindles bolt pattern is a little different between the 2 and the Dynasty used larger bolts. I hopped on StarParts and searched the rear...
  2. Differential bearings

    Turbo Dodge Help
    Bad news, just looking for any info from someone who’s been through this. Drivers side diff bearing on my old ladies 93 2.5L Auto Spirit started humming Sunday and started a little wobble today, verified the diagnosis after work today. Just wondering how long this things possibly got till it...
  3. Front Wheel bearings K & L bodies

    Turbo Dodge Help
    Are these press fit into the knuckle??? I realize they come in hub assemblies and also have attaching bolts, but I swear when I did them on one of my old horizons they had to be pressed out and in... and I need to do them on my Aries...
  4. breathing new life

    Transmission, Suspension, Brakes, Tires & Wheels
    I have recently drug my old 87 Shelby z Daytona out of the depths and have started rebuilding it. It has been parked for almost 10 years because the transmission was whining. I recently rebuilt the engine and pulled the A555 to pieces and found a large pit in the machine race surface on the...
  5. help plz. have a shakey while turning left!

    Transmission, Suspension, Brakes, Tires & Wheels
    Hi every 1. Ok I have a 1986 dodge shelby charger. So when I turn left the car shakesz. Nothing at all when I turn right or go straight! It looks like it was hit in the front drivers side too. The bottom of the fender in front of the drivers tire is bent in. So I've been told by several that a...
  6. Engine How To: In-car bearing change procedure

    FAQ Section
    I've done this so many times on so many different vehicles, I figured I'd post it step by step so that anyone considering doing this could get an idea of what they're in for. I've seen alot of people give up on a car because of a little bottom end noise or just keep driving it until the engine...