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  1. Cars Wanted
    Hey all, I'm looking to buy a clean 1989 or 1990-91 (Preferred years) Daytona 2.2/2.5L turbo. Auto or manual. Looking to use it as my new daily. If you're looking to sell, show me what you've got and what you're asking for and we'll make a deal if it looks good to me. I'll be cross posting...
  2. Parts For Sale
    I have a Borg Warner s400 turbo forsale with exhaust housing. Will support 450-700 horsepower. This turbo moves more air than the BHT3B and spools as quick if not quicker I got this on a trade and have nothing to use it on. It appears to be slightly used. Wheel spins free and doesnt have any...
  3. Engine - General, Exhaust & Induction
    so, the otherday, i drove an hour and a half and picked up a MINT 84 omni with just over 83K on it and drove it all the way home. Im oficially the 3rd owner (old lady, dealer, me :thumb:) and i love it. the car has the carb'd 2.2L chrysler motor and an auto trans in it. i believe the car is all...
  4. drag

    St Thomas [email protected] on street tires
  5. moparfest 2004

    My Omni GLHTII in all its glory
  6. Boosted Omni

    My Omni GLHTII @moparfest 05
  7. Boosted Omni

    My Omni GLHTII @moparfest 05
1-7 of 7 Results