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  1. 2 daytonas - 87 shelby z and 88 c/s - $1500 or trade

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    i have 2 daytonas i want to sell or trade, one is a 1988 2.2 t1 5 speed, i was told it is a califoria special, i drove the car till something in the transmission broke and now it will not move, it has a new cluch, flywheel, and pressure plate, new wind sheild, an a few other things, and i have a...
  2. WANTED - RAMPAGE - will trade 88 daytona

    Cars Wanted
    i'm look for a rampage with a decent body solid frame and a clear title, it doesn't need to run or move, because i have a 87 shelby z daytona with no title that will be parted if i get a rampage to put the engine and transmission in, i have an 88 daytona turbo 5 speed ( i was told it is a...