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  1. Canada
    Thinking of selling my two turbo dodges in order to buy a Cummin's that I can get a sweet deal on from a buddy. Bought both as possible projects but have yet to do anything with either of them. 1989 Dodge Caravan 2.5 Turbo, Auto trans, White with blue interior. $2000 OBO (Will send a link to...
  2. Parts For Sale
    I am parting out my 1986 Laser Turbo before having the shell hauled to the scrap yard. It was side-swiped on the front street, so the driver's side is mangled beyond hope. I primarily want to see parts go to someone local who needs them, as I am not an ebayer and do not want to get too involved...
  3. New Member Intros
    Hi, I own a 89 Shelby Daytona 2.2 turbo II. This is my second turbo dodge. I used to have 89 Shadow es. I was wondering if there is many members or any clubs in Alberta
  4. Parts Wanted
    I need a 2.2 for my 86 turbo z CS but I am not sure exactly what I need but i think It doesn't really matter what year because I can swap intakes ect and I lie in Canada and am trying to find something more local (Edmonton area)
  5. New Member Intros
    What a great site. I stumbled acrosss this yesterday and thought how cool. I didn't know there were so many Dodge Turbo enthusiasts. Not many people appreciated these cars up there. I have a 1989 Daytona Shelby which my huband has quite a history with he has actually owned it twice LOL...
  6. Cars For Sale
    Category: Domestic Status: Clean Title I have a 1989 Chrysler Daytona Shelby for sale, in Canada - New Brunswick. Mileage: 244506 km Engine Size: 2.2 L Turbo II Asking price is $3700 Silver with dark grey ground effect spoilers and lift back “ whale tail” spoiler. Painted and new...
  7. New Member Intros
    Hey everyone, I don't even have a turbo dodge but am looking into getting a daytona or a shadow.... Right now I am driving a 2000 Dakota 4.7 4x4. It's pretty much stock except I've put a lot of work into fixing the body and audio. Tons of fun to drive but it despises gas, so much so that I...
1-7 of 7 Results