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  1. Carburetted and TBI Injected
    Just stumbled across this today! Bet it would be great for anyone who drives a carb' 2.2 in a region that actually has a real winter season! https://www.ebay.com/itm/382113922790
  2. Turbo Dodge Help
    Hey there, So my Rampage is all fixed up with a new suspension, exhaust, and quick ratio manual rack, but now there's a new problem!!! They can't get it to stay running! When I brought the car in, it was barely making it up a hill even when floored. It would rev no problem in neutral, but...
  3. Parts Wanted
    I'm looking for a good heater grid for my 2.2 1983 Rampage. If anyone has one that they would be willing to sell, let me know what you would charge for the part and to ship to zip 15317. Thanks.
  4. Parts For Sale
    i have a brand new in the box weber 32/36 carb for sale, electric choke, direct bolt on for the carb'd 2.2's. comes with a seperate brand new rebuild kit and all brand new jets (biggest ones you can get!) not installed but included. Asking $160 OBO text me for pics threeonethree221-3129
  5. Videos of Turbo Dodges in action
    After some engine and carb updates, my DSC is finally running well! May 2013: Here is the latest: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=12BX1jUCfpg
  6. Parts For Sale
    i have about 10 old holley (5220/6520) 2bbl carbs some with electric feedback some without they could all use a rebuild and major clean up. asking $20 each plus shipping. pm me or text me. i can send pics to your phone my number is three one three-221-3129.
  7. Carburetted and TBI Injected
    Hey guys! So at the moment I have my 1982 Dodge Rampage parked for the winter in a neighbors garage and I will be getting it out sometime in early April hopefully. I'm going to be using it for my junior prom which is in the first week of May so I won't have much time to be getting things done on...
  8. Engine - General, Exhaust & Induction
    Are there any carbs or throttle bodies that are bigger than factory that matches the bolt pattern? If not, what would be a good one to use with an adapter?
  9. Carburetted and TBI Injected
    i picked up a mopar intake that mounts 2 stock carb plates so you can run dual stock holleys or webers, and its 2 pieces the runners and a plenum and you can bolt the carb plates to either piece but i fel like the upper plenum part doesnt make sense for flow or atomization so might be better to...
  10. Carburetted and TBI Injected
    Alright now, I havent had a carb car since my 83 shelby carger which got totalled over a year ago. Now after a year and some time I'm trying to get my dads '84 rampage up and running again with the 3000 mile engine that was in my SC. Is the 32/36 really worth the money as a performance upgrade...
  11. Parts For Sale
    brand new in the box weber carb p/n 22680.070 direct bolt on to the 2.2 carb intake. accelerator pump, electric choke, throttle linkage and fuel lines are all in the correct spots. stock air filter housing fits perfectly. its the same carb that comes in the weber kit p/n k453 just without the...
  12. Engine - General, Exhaust & Induction
    hi everyone, I'm the proud owner of an '84 Rampage which I'm currently having a 2.2 rebuilt for. I found out today that it would cost more to have the head I have fixed than to replace it so that's what i'm going to do. I was hoping to get some advice about whether or not (since I have to...
  13. Turbo Dodge Help
    My girlfriend recently bought a 84 non turbo Omni for dirt cheap, but she bought it without the motor in working condition. So far I've put cap, rotor, plugs, wires, battery, and ingnition coil all new and it still turns over fine but won't start...what am I missing????? The only other things I...
  14. Parts Wanted
    Well my "amazing" holley carburetor with only about 1400 miles since it was last rebuilt gave out and my car is not running for crap cuz it wont idle but it runs fine... we sat the and tuned it all day and as soon as it went under load it did it again.... I decided to go with a weber DFV carb...
  15. Engine - General, Exhaust & Induction
    Question, I am not sure so I am asking...Can the roller rockers from a T2, 782 head work on a 84 non roller Shelby Charger 2.2? If so that would seem to free up some horses...I also have a MP Purple Cam with 460/460. Also my machine shop lost my main caps, what are the differances from years...
  16. Carburetted and TBI Injected
    Ive had a 83 shelby charger since the summer and it is my first car i love it although ive driven my brother's turbo ones and must say there awesome but i really dont wanna go turbo just yet cuz its a n/a shelby and want to keep it that way.... so after alot of thinking ill have the money after...
  17. Carburetted and TBI Injected
    Does anyone have a video of a fully built 2.2L in one of these cars revving out and/or driving? Im talking forged pistons, billet rods, weber side drafts, high lift cam, fully ported head.... the works...... if so i wanna see it :thumb: :First TD:
  18. Engine Mgmt., Fuel, Spark, EGTs, & Air/Fuel Ratios
    I know i read this somewhere on this forum, but will a Turbocharged Charger fuel tank work in a 85 Carb'd Turismo
  19. Carburetted and TBI Injected
    After months of research I've a lot of mixed information. I've got my carb/intake manifold covered. I just need info on head/shortblock combo. My local yard has many 2.2's, my options are a TON of 86-88 engines, and one caravan with a 2.2/2.5. My questions are: How much can I mill off the...
  20. Parts Wanted
    About a month ago i decided to take a hard turn at about 45mph and ended up wrecking my 1983 shelby charger into a tree (ruined my baby) all on the 4th day after i got it running after it sat for almost 7 years.... i took out the front bumper cover, hood, and passenger side fender and everything...
1-20 of 24 Results