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  1. Interior
    Just wondering if anyone knew where i can find the flip down cupholder tray for a 1989 Caravan. It was missing when i bought the van. Cant seem to find one anywhere. Really would like to have it. Also, a good place to get origional tan carpets for the same vehicle. Thanks in advance for any...
  2. Interior
    I don't really know where/how to put this, but are there any other options for car flooring besides carpets? I want to pull some European leather seats (without a brand on them, ex. BMW in the headrest) and reupholster the back seat to match, but I also want to know if there's anything I can get...
  3. Interior
    OK, so my car had nooo rear carpet. what should i do?i was thinking i should buy the noise reducer/insulator, and put that down first, then put just some black carpet above it? But i dont know how to go by doing this. suggestions? Thanks! -Zach
1-3 of 3 Results