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  1. Turbo Dodge Help
    I want to install AC in my 89 turbo caravan. I know this is a bitch of a job, so I'm prepared for that. I'm wondering if there's anyone out there that has done it that can offer any tips. I have most of the underhood stuff, and that's the easy part. I'm looking for a donor van, but might end up...
  2. Turbo Dodge Help
    If you have converted to t-2 status please reply im kind of confused and i need some parts. The DDG guide really confused me throughout the electrical part. If you have a harness and logic module that is converted to t-2 status already that will go into an 85 dodge lancer i would like to buy...
  3. Parts Wanted
    got the late TI with the 1 piece intake and what not, wanting to up it to TII status. looking for these parts, hopefully somewhere below $200.
1-3 of 3 Results