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  1. Turbo Dodge Help
    1985 Laser, 2.2 turbo 1. Car was fine before I had the headgasket replaced. Temperature is getting way too hot in stop and go traffic now. Also the HVAC isn't working- Blows cold air out of the foot and defroster vent no matter what button is pressed. I replaced the thermostat with the...
  2. Turbo Dodge Help
    Does anyone know the EXACT sizes ID/OD of rubber O-rings used in the 4th cylinder coolant mod plate as well as the TU billet T-stat housing??? Please and thank you!!! If it's posted somewhere and I'm over looking it, my bad!..
  3. Electrical
    Hello, whenever I press the button for the defroster to come on it turns on for about half a second then goes out. Another thing is, and I'm not sure how the HVAC on the Daytona's are setup, when changing which way I want the AC/Heat to come out, it just stays on defroster but I don't think...
  4. Electrical
    OK I have tried to solve this issue all over the internet and thought I would try here also. OK here goes.. I have the rebuilt engine all back into my daughters '93 Daytona Iroc 3.0L v6. I have an overheating issue that may have been to root cause of the failure and it still exists. I have...
  5. Turbo Dodge Help
    A few weeks back I broke a piston skirt and ended up putting in one piston and a full set of rod bearings and rings, along with some cylinder honing. I did this with the block and trans in the car. Prior to this work the car had a habit I've not seen in any other car - when starting from cold...
  6. Turbo Dodge Help
    All, I have a 90 Shadow, non intercooled 2.5L turbo running 6lbs of boost, that seems to have some strange quirks in regards to the temperature gauge. In town driving the gauge never goes above the halfway mark, however, running at 70+mph the gauge starts to rise quite rapidly, I've also...
  7. Turbo Dodge Help
    Last winter My thermostat stuck and i blew a head gasket. Over the winter/spring/half of summer i replaced the stat, head gasket, got the head resurfaced, added an intercooler, and replaced coolant temp switch. 3 days ago I got er running again and after about 3 miles of driving the temp gauge...
  8. Engine - General, Exhaust & Induction
    I gotta make this short. My cars radiator is toast. I cant find nor do I want a stock replacement radiator. I have the 2.5 that I converted to a turbo II setup. I moved the intercooler so now I have the whole front to use for a radiator. I would like to know if anyone has put one of the...
  9. Discussing Shelbys
    Are there any over-the-counter replacement radiators that will drop into a '87 GLH-S? If not, how much does it usually cost to re-core these rads?
  10. Turbo Dodge Help
    ok im flabbergasted. ive never seen this before..... ill shut my 86 T1 charger off and the cooling fan will remain on, to the point it will kill my battery?!? im totally confused on this... also, recently i took my car to the shop and they did some tranny work.. what the mechanic said was...
  11. Turbo Dodge Help
    yep i got the alternator fixed now it my gage says it is overheating but i think i have air in my cooling system and i dont know how to bleed it if any one does it would be nice so i can get to work today one thing after another
1-11 of 11 Results