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  1. Dodge daytona custom bodykit

    Does anyone have tried to make a bodykit or something for your daytona´s ? if you have, please upload the photo.
  2. G Head on 91 Lebaron....help.

    Turbo Dodge Help
    I blew a head gasket one day in my Lebaron when it hit overboost. It also damaged my head. I put a g head on there that I had laying around (without doing my research). To begin with, it was fine, the usual 6000 rpm redline...a few days later, every time I hit like 4500 or 5000 rpm, it'd sound...
  3. New to the forums with a custom '82 Rampage

    New Member Intros
    Howdy all of ya, my names Andrew I'm from Minnesota and I drive a 1982 Dodge Rampage. I've always admired 80's performance vehicles but primarily those from Mopar and Shelby. Last August? (Can't remember exactly when but it was in the time) we bought it for a good price, we fixed the shift...
  4. Need Guidance on Custom Turbo Setup...

    Engine - Turbo & Block
    Hey, I'm a newbie to the turbo world, but I've begun to do some basic research, and I also have a basic understanding of turbo's... I have a '71 AMC Javelin with a 304 V8 that I'd like to turbo using a single Cummins, but I don't have much knowledge on what specific compressor I should use...
  5. wtb a 86 t1 intercooler kit

    Parts Wanted
    ok peoples im looking for a t1 log intake style intercooler. I did some research and found only 2 made by companys. which would be a DC KIT or a SPEARCO kit. if anyone 1 has 1 of these or any other kit i do not know about..i would like to buy the kit whole. i can be contacted here or email...
  6. Shelby Daytona Build thread

    Engine - Turbo & Block
    I have a 1989 shelby daytona. It had the 2.2 intercooled motor but it grenaded on the previous owner. I'm building a 2.5 and an a555 trans. My goal is a streetable 400hp. I dont know how many psi I'm gonna be running but we will see. heres a list of the parts I've decided on(I'm sticking with...
  7. USA 2 Piece intake plenum flange

    Parts For Sale
    It would be great for you guys building custom upper plenums. All the hard work is done with these flanges, all you need is a 14" long piece of 5" od 4.5 id tube, and two end cap, and you will have your self a custom uper big plenum. Price is $100+shipping LMK Thanks Adam
  8. Push button start in my 85 Daytona Turbo Z...?

    Turbo Dodge Help
    I am looking to put a push button start in my 1985 Daytona Turbo Z. Would it work? I was told to research the wiring schematic, but to no avail..? I am lacking the knowledge for wiring and any thoughts you have on it would help. Thanks.. oh, and its got tilt wheel, and its fully loaded with...
  9. FS: Custom SRT4 Tubular Header - Tig-welded Stainless

    Parts For Sale
    Hi! I have a very nice custom tig-welded stainless steel tubular header for sale. I bought it for a 2.4 FWD project but I ended up using an old school 2.2 16V instead. It has a STD T3 flange and a v-band flange for an external Tial-style wastegate. I'm asking 425$ +shipping, which is WAY...