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  1. Interior
    I'm currently redoing the interior of my Omni and I am looking for some stock RED interior parts. I had a lot of stuff painted black so I think the black with some red parts will look very cool. - Seat Belts - Arm rests - Dash - Steering Wheel - Possibly other cool red parts. If you know where...
  2. Electrical
    When I turn my lghts on, the dashboard lights come on for a few minutes, then it pops the fuse. If I replace the fuse right away, it pops instantly. After I leave it off awhile, same thing, will work for a few minutes then starts popping fuses. Seems like something is shorting out once it...
  3. Electrical
    Hello, whenever I press the button for the defroster to come on it turns on for about half a second then goes out. Another thing is, and I'm not sure how the HVAC on the Daytona's are setup, when changing which way I want the AC/Heat to come out, it just stays on defroster but I don't think...
  4. Parts Wanted
    hey does anybody have the little black rectangle shelby dash emblem that usually says the model of the car and pops into the dash board above the glove box??? id like to buy one so please let me know. thanks!
  5. Tech Questions and Answers
    I have no relationship with them, but chyslerparts.net did a great job with my replacement instrument panel cover (aka dashboard top). The cost was $65 less than the local dealer's price, and it was delivered on time. Oh, and replacing it couldn't be easier. You just pry the window switches...
  6. Parts For Sale
    i have a perfectly working digital dash pulled out 2 weeks ago and was working, has 193000 miles reading on it, shoot some offers
  7. Turbo Dodge Help
    i have a problem, my speedo was working but stopped now, it was an analog so i switch to digital now, evrything is hookled up correctly, speedo still doesnt wrk, where is the speed sensor located, mayb its bad
  8. Parts Wanted
    i have a 1989 daytona shelby and the little nob on the glove box broke so it falls when ever i close a door or hit a bump i have looked all over for oone but cant find one and my girlfreind says if i dont fix it she aint riding with me no more lol its really annoying so anyone got a extra one?
  9. Parts Wanted
    Hey everyone... I am looking for a a 1987 or 88 daytona or equivalent dash cluster that will directly plug into a stock 87 daytona shelby Z wiring harness.
  10. Turbo Dodge Help
    trying to locate it and wondering if your interested in selling it
  11. Interior
    hello everyone, as the title suggest i am transplanting a 1987 daytona shelby Z tII into a 1983 rampage. One Item that i do not know much about and am worried about is what i am going to do about a dash cluster in the rampage with the upgraded engine. Am i going to have to change the cluster to...
  12. Parts For Sale
    Clearing out my old Lebaron (Daytona, etc.) parts. Prices listed are without shipping, parts are as is and will be packed and secured for transit by the people at UPS. All currency in US dollars. Will ship to Canada. I have three digital dashes, one is dim, one works but has a pegged gas...
1-12 of 12 Results