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  1. Exterior
    Hey there! I have been looking a lot around the internet, but I can't find a decal set with the correct lower body stripes. I should have at the bottom a black stripe and on top of that three gray stripes as shown in the attached picture. To be clear, I am looking for a COMPLETE set so not only...
  2. Exterior
    Has anyone used Positive Impressions from Jacksonville, FL for their stripes and logos for Shelbys? Prices are good and they have other stuff that I couldn't find.
  3. Exterior
    i'm restoring a 1984 dodge rampage and i'm to the point that i'm getting close to painting it and striping it. i have the decals, but what i need to figure out is the pinstripe tape( the stripe that goes over the body color line). i was wondering how others are doing it and where they're getting...
  4. Exterior
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  5. Exterior
    As luck would have it the trunk decals for the LeBaron GTC have been placed as NS1 from the dealer and can no longer be ordered. Now, I have one brand new set ready to go on my GTC when I get it back from the body shop. I tried to get positive Impressions to do this but they just don't have the...
1-5 of 5 Results