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  1. Exterior
    Has anyone used Positive Impressions from Jacksonville, FL for their stripes and logos for Shelbys? Prices are good and they have other stuff that I couldn't find.
  2. Exterior
    i'm restoring a 1984 dodge rampage and i'm to the point that i'm getting close to painting it and striping it. i have the decals, but what i need to figure out is the pinstripe tape( the stripe that goes over the body color line). i was wondering how others are doing it and where they're getting...
  3. Exterior
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  4. Exterior
    As luck would have it the trunk decals for the LeBaron GTC have been placed as NS1 from the dealer and can no longer be ordered. Now, I have one brand new set ready to go on my GTC when I get it back from the body shop. I tried to get positive Impressions to do this but they just don't have the...
1-4 of 4 Results