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  1. Parts Wanted
    Does anyone have any exterior r/t or ES specific parts for sale??? Front bumper? Rear spoiler? Side skirts? Fog lights?
  2. Exterior
    After looking at the pics most would probably tell me to get another Spirit, but even though this car is a base model, she's special. This is my first car. It followed me through high school, college, and the Navy where she finally died due to a bad rod bearing. Not wanting to let go, I brought...
  3. Exterior
    i'm restoring a 1984 dodge rampage and i'm to the point that i'm getting close to painting it and striping it. i have the decals, but what i need to figure out is the pinstripe tape( the stripe that goes over the body color line). i was wondering how others are doing it and where they're getting...
  4. Parts Wanted
    My husband and I own 2 Dodge Daytona's 1 88 Shelby and 1 93 IROC eachone with less than 20,000 original miles. We are in need of a driverside exterior door handle for the 88 Daytona Shelby Z and have searched with no luck. If anyone can help please contact Gary @ [email protected] Thanks...
  5. Exterior
    So I've decided I much prefer there look of the Shelby Lancers over the rs/es shadows/Sundance's with factory body kits. I want to convert my 91 Sundance into a Shelby lancer. So I am trying to figure what exterior parts I'll need to do a good job, this is the list ive figured so far. front...
  6. Parts Wanted
    Ready to paint my 1989 Daytona ES turbo (with t-tops) as soon as I can locate both driver and passenger door door window sills. Any help locating much appreciated. Thanks all.
1-6 of 6 Results