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  1. 1986 Dodge Daytona TurboZ - $1000

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    1986 Dodge Daytona TurboZ - $800 Category: Domestic Status: Clean Title I have a 1986 Dodge Daytona TurboZ for sale, in USA - Florida. Mileage: ???? miles VIN: 1B3BA64E9GG264349 Engine Size: 2.2 T1 Asking price is $800 OBO Seller Information: Scott T Phone: (352) 399-2536...
  2. If anyone is interested in buying

    I found (on craigslist) two rampage's, about 20 or so Turbo Lebaron's in all different years and a couple Daytona's.
  3. Feels like Hurricane season in FL

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    Already feels like Hurricane season in SWFL, Severe thunderstorms started at 7:30 this morning, looks like it's supposed to be like this until sometime tomorrow :eek:.. this blows.. apparently I won't be leaving the house :bang head.. nap time looks promising though. :snore:
  4. looking for shelby charger headlight mounting cowl/bracket

    Parts Wanted
    About a month ago i decided to take a hard turn at about 45mph and ended up wrecking my 1983 shelby charger into a tree (ruined my baby) all on the 4th day after i got it running after it sat for almost 7 years.... i took out the front bumper cover, hood, and passenger side fender and everything...
  5. USA WTB: 2.2l motor near saint cloud florida

    Parts Wanted
    Looking for a strong motor for my 88 Lebaron T1 2.2l. I'm located in Saint Cloud Florida