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  1. Carburetted and TBI Injected
    Well guys a couple months ago my 83 shelby charger was totalled but it still runs perfectly and i recently picked up an 84 rampage with no engine and im wondering what it would take to convert it to MPFI.... Parts I have: 1. Engine wiring harness from a turbo omni i believe 1986 2. 2 piece...
  2. Parts Wanted
    I'm looking for a gas tank for an 86 Laser. If anyone has information on where I can get a good deal, or just a tank, that would be very helpful.
  3. Turbo Dodge Help
    I have a gas tank leak thats coming out of the Filler necks big rubber O ring thing.Its on my 1989 daytona shelby turbo II. If I fill the car up over a quarter of a tank and get on it Gas goes all over the road.I work at napa and can't find one and NO other auto parts stores have it nor can I...
1-3 of 3 Results