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  1. CANADA Copper head gasket NEW

    Parts For Sale
    Copper head gasket - still in the packaging. Asking $100CDN. Which is like....23 bucks in US dollars :grin2:
  2. Need Help! Urgent!

    Turbo Dodge Help
    I was on the way home one night, hit about 14lbs of boost and then it felt like my pcv valve came loose so when I got home I checked everything, and all hoses were connected. I sarted pulling plug wires...i found that the engine was not running on cylinders 1 & 2. I had this "same" problem a...
  3. 91 R/T turbo cutting out?

    Turbo Dodge Help
    When the turbo kicks in and I'm getting above, say, 3500 rpms, the car will just cut out. I speed up and it's like the turbo just stops, or the power cuts out. Has anyone else had this problem? Any help would be much appreciated! Thank You -Spencer
  4. CANADA Boost gauge, 2.2/5 timing belt, 3.0L hg

    Parts For Sale
    I've got an LED boost gauge for sale, 30vac/30 boost. 2 brand new never used timing belts for the 2.2/5L, round teeth and a set of head, exhaust and valve cover gaskets for a 3.0L. Also never used... obviously heh. Boost gauge I replaced with an autometer one I got. Not sure the make though...
  5. Fine before, Lots of smoke now.

    Turbo Dodge Help
    Have an 85 GLHT T1, had the car running perfect, no smoke at all. Put a new oil return gasket on to replace the RTV i had on it, now it smokes like a pig. Any Ideas?
  6. t1 garrett compressor housing gasket/o-ring??

    Engine - Turbo & Block
    so im in the middle of my t1-t2 conversion and have my turbo off and pulled the compressor housing off so i could clean it, and noticed it had a gasket that went between it an the plate it clamps too. when i bought the car there was what looks to be a Garrett gasket kit that was half used (used...
  7. Blown Head Gasket

    hey everyone. i live just out of pittsburgh and was wondering if there was anyone remotly close to me that might be able to help me with a head gasket. i have never done one before and dont really just want to start ripping things apart. im willing to even throw some cash your way. thanks guys...
  8. 2.5 intermediate shaft

    Engine - Turbo & Block
    New member. already posted but I see now in wrong forum. Sorry. Does anyone know where I can acquire tool to remove intermediate shaft plain bearings? Overhauling engine and they,re in kit. Also a nice 2.5 turbo engine exploded view would be nice. Anyone got a link to one? Thanks in advance.
  9. question on head bolts

    Engine - Turbo & Block
    Alrighty.. welp I just put the new head gasket on a few days ago and she runs amazing..beside the fact that the 4 piece valve covers are pieces of shit and don't seal and I have to get a new 1 piece vc..ha anyways I've heard from a lot of people its a good idea...but not nessesary to retorque...
  10. help! is i need advice on a hg

    Engine Mgmt., Fuel, Spark, EGTs, & Air/Fuel Ratios
    I need a headgasket in the next week. The only 2 I could find is a victor reins and a felpro. I heard vr is good but any here ever tried it? I waited 3 months with summit racing and they still haven't sent my mp head gasket. Which I know mp is the best! But I can't wait a year to fix my 86...
  11. USA shelby oil cap,shelby valve cover,(87) stage 5 cal,89 up gasket set,89 CB oil pan

    Parts For Sale
    TAKING ALL REASONABLE OFFERS plans have changed for the shelby z so i wont need this stuff any more shelby valve cover-$250 89 CB oil pan-$75 shelby oil cap-$200 plus shipping 87 LM stage 5-$200 plus shipping 89 up engine gasket kit-$75 plus shipping
  12. ? on head gasket

    Engine - Turbo & Block
    hello all! i would just like to verify some info i got from autozone online. im doing my headgasket in a few weeks. so. autozone said the correct ft. lbs to torque the head is 52. is that correct? also it said to tie up the rocker arm assembly? i havent seen that said except at autozone..do u...
  13. question for eveyone plz!

    Turbo Dodge Help
    ok. so i think this may be a blown head gasket..but id like to get a second oppion first. i dont know if it would make a difference but i added a half of quart to the 4.5 of castrol sythetic edge about a week ago.. 2 days ago it started up and it was knocking a little bit..so i shut it off and...
  14. gasket

    Turbo Dodge Help
    were can you find a gasket for the turbo to the exhaust manifold got a new turbo but need a gasket were can ya get one???
  15. Need new head for 2.5

    Engine - General, Exhaust & Induction
    Lost another head gasket in my 89 Spirit (2.5 Turbo). Pretty much stock, with exhaust mods and a very modest boost increase. After removing the head, noticed erosion between one of the cooling ports and the sealing ring around cylinder #2. Also have a weird glaze in cylinder #2, so am going...
  16. Cracks in head, still usable?

    Engine - General, Exhaust & Induction
    I found a 782 casting on a 2.5 block in the garage. I need to replace a headgasket and check my head so I pulled this one off to clean it up. Picked up an 006 MP hg. Had the new one decked and cleaned, found to my surprise that it had already been gasket matched and mildly ported, back-cut...
  17. Gasket Makers, Any good?

    FAQ Section
    I found this in a thread and believe this should be a sticky to help out some of the members from being confused. This was posted by member " NAJ" so props to him.:thumb: There are numerous places where form-in-place gaskets are used on the engine. Care must be taken when applying...